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CS525T Special Topics: The Internet of Things
Fall 2015
Instructor: Bob Kinicki

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2015 Syllabus Updated: 30 Sep 15
Class List Updated: 14 Sep 15

Course Philosophy

This course focuses on a new emerging topic - The Internet of Things (IoT). The course includes a small amount of background 'primer' review material to get all students to an equivalent level, but primarily lectures will follow a "seminar style" structure. This implies course work includes readings, presentations and discussion of technical papers taken from the currently available IoT literature. Seminar style requires active student participation in both the presentations and in the discussions. This participation is a significant component in the students' grade. Hence, skipping class or showing up late for class without an approved reason WILL have a negative affect on your final grade.

Course Details

The course syllabus will intentionally adapt to the interests and backgrounds of the students. The Internet of Things is a broad concept that is not fully defined in 2015. This course will focus more narrowly on just a few key areas. Class lectures will be a combination of review of relevant networking material (referred to as 'primers') and presentation of papers from the current literature on the Internet of Things. Depending on length and complexity, the class will typically cover one or two research papers per week in class. Hence, each student needs to submit electronic pdfs {preferred} of at least three research papers by 5 p.m. on September 16, 2015 as possible candidate papers to be included in the course syllabus. Students should try to submit papers that they would be both qualified and interested in presenting in class. To get started on this searching process, each student must submit one paper by September 7th at midnight and then the remaining two on September 16th. There will be more details about this task during the first class.

Students need to email Professor Kinicki a completed Paper Evaluation Form (docx) for each reviewed paper at the beginning of every class. Late forms emailed AFTER the start of the class will not be graded as the intent of the form is to help prepare students for an informed and lively discussion.

Each student will have to make two and a half Powerpoint presentations of a research paper. The course includes a Course Project and an a half-hour Oral Final Exam. Each student selects two papers that will part of their customized Final Exam. All students will be tested on the set of topics and one group paper. The complete set of information including Final Exam test times are on: Topics, Papers and Times for Final Exam

Useful Resources

  • Current IoT Research Areas Updated: 1 Sep 15
  • List of Important Networking Journals and Conferences roughly in decreasing order of providing quality papers for class presentations. Updated: 15 Aug 14
  • List of Computer Networks Textbooks Updated: 15 Aug 14
  • Current Bibliography of WSN papers Udpated: 5 Aug 13

    Fall 2015 Class Lecture Slides and Papers

    The Emergence of a Network Primitive in Wireless Sensor Networks, Levis et al.
    Course Objectives (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 1 Sep 15
    Introduction - The Internet of Things Vision (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 1 Sep 15
    Culler Keynote on IoT (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 17 Aug 15
    Primer on TCP/IP Stack (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 30 Aug 15
    Review of Network Performance Metrics (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 31 Aug 15
    Primer on Wireless Network Protocols (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 7 Sep 15
    Primer on Wireless Sensor Networks (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 7 Sep 15
    1. Low-Power Interoperability for the IPv6 Internet of Things (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 15 Sep 15
    PowerPoint Tips (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 23 Sep 11
    2. The Internet of Things: A Survey (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 14 Sep 15
    3. Mapping and Localization with RFID Technology (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 22 Sep 15
    4. WAVE: A Tutorial (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 21 Sep 15
    Primer on Network Routing (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 27 Sep 15
    5. A Performance Comparison of Multi-Hop Wireless Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocols (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 29 Sep 15
    6. A Power Assignment Method for Multi-Sink WSN with Outage Probability Constraints (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 6 Oct 15
    7. Routing in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: A Survey (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 6 Oct 15
    Primer on Cellular and Mobile Networks including 4G LTE (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 12 Oct 15
    8. LTE and IEEE802.11p for vehicular networking: a performance evaluation (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 13 Oct 15
    9. Performance Investigation and Optimization of IEEE802.15.4 for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 27 Oct 15
    10. QoS Performance Analysis for Slottted CSMA/CA in IEEE802.15.4 (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 27 Oct 15
    Culler 6LoWPAN Primer (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 28 Sep 15
    11. Integration of Wireless Sensor Networks to the Internet of Things using a 6LoWPAN Gateway (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 3 Nov 15
    12. Reliable and Real-time Communication in Industrial Wireless Mesh Networks (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 3 Nov 15
    13. Towards Efficient Mobile M2M Communications: Survey and Open Challenges (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 3 Nov 15
    14. Integrating Wireless Sensor Networks with the Web (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 10 Nov 15
    15. Improving Packet Delivery Performance for Publish/Subscribe Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 10 Nov 15
    16. The Emergence of a Networking Primitive in Wireless Sensor Networks (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 17 Nov 15
    17. RPL under Mobility (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 17 Nov 15
    18. Lithe: Lightweight Secure CoAP for the Internet of Things (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 1 Dec 15
    19. Wireless Sensor Networks and the Internet of Things: Do We Need a Complete Integration? (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 1 Dec 15
    Student Project Presentations      
    BAC_Net Kerry Lynn (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 15 Dec 15
    Performance Evaluation of Four Trickle Variants Daniel Benson and Zhouxiao Wu (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 15 Dec 15
    Dynamic Spectrum Sensing Using Software Defined Radio on Rasberry Pi with RTL-SDR Renato Iida and Le Wang (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 15 Dec 15
    Case Study of Intrusion of Sensor Networks Aniket Shah and Alexander Witt (pptx1) (pptx) Updated: 15 Dec 15

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