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CS2303 Systems Programming Concepts - Term C14
Instructor: Bob Kinicki

General and Historic Course Information
Course Information and Procedures | Academic Honesty Policies | Student Disabilities : last modified 15 Jan 14
Required Text: C How to Program, Seventh Editon, Deitel and Deitel

Useful Web Sites

Basic Unix
Useful info from FreeBSD Development Handbook
The gdb Debugger
gdb Commands
STL Reference
SGI STL Reference
CPP STL Reference
C++ String Primer

Lecture Organization

The course will cover introductory Unix systems programming, C, C++ and data structures.
The first three programming assignment will be done individually ONLY in C and the last two will be implemented using C++ and done as two-person assigned teams.

Course Syllabus (pdf) : last modified 6 Jan 14
Team Assignments (pdf) : last modified 12 Feb 14

Programming Assignments

Program 1: Functions and Basic Variable Types in C : last modified 6 Jan 14
Program 2: Motion Collision Simulation using Arrays in C : last modified 6 Jan 14
Program 3: Event-Driven Simulation of a Processor Scheduling Queue in C : last modified 9 Feb 14
Program 4: A Cross Reference Generator in C++ : last modified 6 Jan 14
Program 5: A Simulation of MANET Source Routing in C++ : last modified 8 Jan 14

Lab Assignments

Current Lab Schedule with Assigned Assistants : last modified 27 Jan 14
Lab 1: Linux, Command Line Entry and a Simple C Program : last modified 14 Jan 14
Lab 2: gdb, Make and Arrays in C : last modified 26 Jan 14
Lab 3:Command Line Arguments and Event List Operations : last modified 6 Jan 14
Lab 4:Binary Trees in C or C++ : last modified 6 Jan 14
Lab 5: Simulating Packet in C++ : last modified 6 Jan 14

Office Hours Schedule

  Office Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Bob Kinicki FL 135   8:30 - 9:30 a.m. 2 - 3 p.m.     3 - 4 p.m.
TA Zhenhao Lei FL A22     5:30-7 p.m. 5:30-7 p.m.    
TA Hao Wan FL A22 5-6 p.m. 2-3 p.m.     5-6 p.m.  
SA Victor Andreoni FL A22   1-2 p.m.       1-2 p.m.
SA Matt Heon FL A22 4-5 p.m.       4-5 p.m.  
SA Fred Silberberg FL A22   3:30 - 4:30 p.m.     3-4 p.m.  
SA Xi Wen FL A22     3-4 p.m.     2-3 p.m.
SA Chris Botaish 'On Call' SA            

Old Exams

Mid Term Exams C14 Review (pdf) Mid Term Exam C08 (pdf) Mid Term Exam C14 (A version) Mid Term Exam C14 (B version)
Final Exams C14 Review (pdf) Final Exam C08 (pdf) Final Practice Exam C08 (pdf) Mid Term Distribution(pptx)

CS2303 Lecture Slides

Introduction pdf pptx Updated: 10 Jan 14
Unix Basics pdf pptx Updated: 16 Jan 14
Introduction to C pdf pptx Updated: 21 Jan 14
C and Unix History pdf pptx Updated: 15 Jan 14
Functions pdf pptx Updated: 20 Jan 14
Arrays pdf pptx Updated: 27 Jan 14
Pointers pdf pptx Updated: 28 Jan 14
Strings pdf pptx Updated: 26 Jan 14
Make pdf pptx Updated: 6 Jan 14
Structures pdf pptx Updated: 29 Jan 14
Command Line Arguments pdf pptx Updated: 29 Jan 14
Introduction to Data Structures pdf pptx Updated: 4 Feb 14
Data Structures pdf pptx Updated: 13 Feb 14
Introduction to C++ pdf pptx Updated: 9 Feb 14
Classes and Objects pdf pptx Updated: 16 Feb 14
Helpful C++ pdf pptx Updated: 16 Feb 14
More on Classes pdf pptx Updated: 24 Feb 14
Deeper into Classes pdf pptx Updated: 26 Feb 14
Operator Overloading pdf pptx Updated: 3 Mar 14
Inheritance pdf pptx Updated: 2 Mar 14
Polymorphism pdf ppt Updated: 24 Feb 08

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