Advanced Computer Networks

CS577/EE537 Advanced Computer Networks - Spring 2002

Catalog Description

The Spring 2002 offering of Advanced Computer Networks requires an Course Adjustment due to the large class size.

Each student will participate in presenting papers selected from one of the Computer Networks Research Topic Areas.
The List of Important Networking Journals and Conferences is presented roughly in decreasing order of providing quality papers for class presentations.

This course includes a Course Project and a Final Exam. The preliminary set of 18 Final Exam questions are now available (pdf) .

Most of the material covered in this course will be taken from the current computer networking literature. However, a Computer Networks Textbooks List is provided for students seeking reference books.

The course syllabus will be constructed from the set of papers selected from the literature. The Current Syllabus was last updated on 16 January 2002.

For each paper assigned for class, the student must turn in a completed Research Paper Evaluation Form (pdf) (doc). This form was udpated 9 Feb 02.

Class Lecture Slides and Papers

Chris Cox's Presentation on Library Resources    
Course Objectives (pdf) (ppt)
Hobb's Internet History    
TCP Sliding Windows (pdf) (ppt)
Random Early Detection Gateways for Congestion Avoidance (pdf) (ppt)
Core Stateless Fair Queuing (pdf) (ppt)
Tuning RED for Web Traffic (pdf) (ppt)
Adaptive RED:Adaptive RED: An Algorithm for Increasing the Robustness of RED's Active Queue Management (pdf) (ppt)
The War between Mice and Elephants (pdf) (ppt)
An Adaptive Queue Management Method for Congestion Avoidance in TCP/IP Networks (pdf) (ppt)
Promoting the Use of End-to-End Congestion Control in the Internet (pdf) (ppt)
Integrated Service and Differentiated Service (pdf) (ppt)
Van Jacobson's Differentiated Services (pdf)
A Case for Relative Differentiated Service and the Proportional Differentiation Model (pdf) (ppt)
Distributed Servers Architecture for Networked Video Services (pdf) (ppt)
Hierarchical Distance-Vector Mulitcast Routing for the Mbone (pdf) (ppt)
MQ: An Integrated Mechanism for Multimedia Multicasting (pdf) (ppt)
Performance Measurements of MPLS Traffic Engineering and QoS (pdf) (ppt)
A Comparison of MPLS Traffic Engineering Initiatives (pdf) (ppt)
Maximum Battery Life Routing to Support Ubiquitous Mobile Computing in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks (pdf) (ppt)
Wireless Andrew: Building a High Speed, Campus-Wide Wireless Data Network (pdf) (ppt)
A Performance Comparison of Multi-Hop Wireless Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocols (pdf) (ppt)
Mobility Support in IPv6 (pdf) (ppt)
Internet2 Qbone: Building a Testbed for Differentiated Services (pdf) (ppt)
A Cryptographic Evaluation of IPsec (pdf) (ppt)
Implementing a Distributed Firewall (pdf) (ppt)
Kerberos: An Authetication Service for Open Network Systems (pdf) (ppt)
A Flexible Model for Resource Management in Virtual Private Networks (pdf) (ppt)
Latency-sensitive hashing for collaborative Web caching (pdf) (ppt)
Implementation and Performance Analysis of SNMP on a TLS/TCP Base (pdf) (ppt)

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