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CS577 / EE537 Advanced Computer Networks
Fall 2014
Instructor: Bob Kinicki

General and Historic Course Information
Academic Honesty Policies
Required Text: None
2014 Syllabus Updated: 1 Dec 14
Class List Updated: 30 Sep 14
Final Exam Guide Updated: 3 Dec 13

Course Philosophy

Besides focusing on exposing students to current Computer Networks issues and techniques, this Advanced Computer Networks course is specifically designed to provide standard tools (e.g., how to read and comprehend papers from the research literature) needed by CS and ECE graduate students to conduct research. Hence, this course is valuable for students expecting to conduct research at WPI and not just for grad students specializing in Computer Networks or Systems.

Since CS513 and ECE536 are no longer cross-listed, students need to know that either course is adequate background for CS577/ECE537. While CS513 emphasizes strong systems programming skills and ECE536 does not, this does not present a problem in Advanced Computer Networks. The reason is that students in Advanced Computer Networks select their own term project where a term paper is acceptable.

This course is conducted "seminar style". Except for background 'primer' material, the course consists of readings, presentations and discussion of technical papers taken from the current computer networks literature. Seminar style implies student participation in both the presentations and in the discussions. This participation is a significant component of your grade. Hence, skipping class or showing up late for class without an approved reason WILL have negative impact on your grade.

Course Details

Normally, we will cover two research papers per week in class. Hence, each student is required to submit either hardcopies or electronic pdfs {preferred} of at least three research papers by September 16, 2014 as possible candidates for papers to included in the course syllabus. Students should aim to submit papers that they would be both qualified and interested in presenting in class.

Students are required to complete and hand in or email a completed Paper Evaluation Form (docx) for each paper covered at the beginning of every class. Late forms emailed AFTER the start of the class will not be graded because the intent of the form is to prepare the students for an informed and lively discussion.

The course includes a Course Project and a Final Exam.

Useful Resources

  • Research Topic Areas in Computer Networks Updated: 15 Aug 14
  • List of Important Networking Journals and Conferences roughly in decreasing order of providing quality papers for class presentations. Updated: 15 Aug 14
  • List of Computer Networks Textbooks Updated: 15 Aug 14
  • Current Bibliography of WSN papers Udpated: 5 Aug 13

    Fall 2014 Class Lecture Slides and Papers

    Course Objectives (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 15 Aug 14
    TCP Sliding Windows (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 15 Aug 14
    Review of Network Performance Metrics (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 15 Aug 14
    General Congestion Control and Queueing (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 15 Aug 14
    Hobb's Internet History      
    Top 10 Internet Milestones (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 12 Sep 14
    TCP Congestion Control (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 1 Sep 14
    1. Random Early Detection Gateways for Congestion Avoidance (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 15 Sep 15
    2. Tuning RED for Web Traffic (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 15 Sep 15
    Bonus Paper
    Promoting the Use of End-to-End Congestion Control in the Internet
    (pdf) (ppt) Updated: 25 Sep 07
    Powerpoint Tips (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 23 Sep 11
    3. The War between Mice and Elephants (pdf) (pptx) Updated:
    4. Core Stateless Fair Queueing (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 22 Sep 14
    5. Congestion Control for High Bandwdith-Delay Product Networks (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 29 Sep 14
    6. Network Border Patrol: Preventing Congestion Collapse and Promoting Fairness in the Internet (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 30 Sep 14
    High Speed TCP TCP Vegas Compound TCP TCP Cubic
    Effects of Applying High Speed Congestion Control Algorithms in the Internet (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 7 Oct 13
    7. Cloud Control with Distributed Rate Limiting (pdf) (pptx)Updated: 7 Oct 14
    A Wireless Networking Primer (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 7 Oct 14
    8. Characterization of 802.11 Wireless Networks in the Home (pdf) (pptx) Updated:
    9. Observing Home Wireless Experience through WiFi APs (pdf) (pptx) Updated:
    10. The Impact of Channel Bonding on 802.11n Network Management (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 14 Oct 14
    Rate Adaptation Algorithms for IEEE 802.11 Networks: A Survey and Comparison (pdf) (pptx) Updated:
    11. Towards MIMO-Aware 802.11n Rate Adaptation (pdf) (pptx) Updated:
    Routing Primer (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 28 Oct 14
    12. A Performance Comparison of Multi-Hop Wireless Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocols (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 28 Oct 14
    13. Defending against Flooding-Based Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks:
    A Tutorial
    (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 3 Nov 14
    14. Mitigating DNS DoS Attacks (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 4 Nov 14
    Cellular Networking Primer (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 10 Nov 14
    15. A Survey on Security for Mobile Devices (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 18 Nov 18
    16. A Close Examination of Performance and Power Characteristics for 4G LTE Networks (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 11 Nov 14
    17. Understanding Bufferbloat in Cellular Networks (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 18 Nov 14
    Mote_Revolution (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 17 Nov 14
    Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Primer (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 17 Nov 14
    18.Secure Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks: Attacks and Countermeasures (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 2 Dec 14
    19. Ultra-Low Duty Cycle MAC with Scheduled Channel Polling (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 2 Dec 14
    20. The ContikiMAC Radio Duty Cycling Protocol (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 8 Dec 14
    Low-Power Interoperability for the IPv6 Internet of Things (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 8 Dec 14
    Student Project Presentations      
    HTTP 2.0 Brian Card (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 9 Dec 14
    TCP Compound Keith Craig (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 9 Dec 14
    VoIP in MMO Gaming Vasilios Mitrokostas (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 9 Dec 14
    Home Wireless Measurement Lening Li and Lingling Sun (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 9 Dec 14
    Modified STC Algorithm Tianyang Wang and Tianxiong Yang (pdf) (pptx) Updated: 9 Dec 14

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