CS 521: Logic in Computer Science

Joshua D Guttman

guttman at wpi dot edu

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Fuller Labs 137

Office hours

Tuesday, 10:00--11:00; Thursday, 11:00--12:00; and by arrangement. (Through 14 October.)


The eighth homework, due Tuesday 9 Nov, is here,

Seventh homework given in class, due 4 Nov.

The sixth homework, due Tuesday 12 Oct, is here,

The fifth homework, due Thursday 7 Oct, is here.

The fourth homework, due Tuesday 21 Sep, is here, and, with a correction to question 6, and an answer to the corrected 6, here.

The third homework, due Tuesday 14 Sep, is here.

The second homework, due Tuesday 7 Sep, is here.

The first homework, due Tuesday 31 Aug, is here.
Do exercises 1 and 3; skip 2.
Also work through a selection of the translation exercises


Pawel Sobocinski's slides on bisimulation, games, and Hennessy-Milner logic are here.

Moshe Vardi's much-beloved Automata-Theoretic Approach to Linear Temporal Logic is available.

Updated version of the lecture notes defining predicate logic and the intuitionstic inference roles for it is here.

The lecture notes, new and improved to cover normalization and the subformula property, and the consistency of the rules, is now (16 Sep) here. Slides for today are also here. If you want to print them out, please be sure to use the printable version.

A revised and expanded set of lecture notes, now sadly outdated, covered the material of 9 Sep, here.

Slides on typed lambda calculus and reduction rules are here. An additional diagram using an incompatible latex package is here.

Slides on explicit proof objects are here. A printable version is here.

Slides on consequence relations with a diagram, and some now outdated lecture notes. A tiny program implementing these objects in OCaml is here.

A note on proving things by induction on the structure of formulas is here.

A note on deduction in sequent calculus is here.

There is also a table of Greek letters and their names in English.

Grading Policy

The grading policy is explained here


The schedule is explained here


We will use Prof. Dougherty's lecture notes. I will also distribute lecture notes to cover lambda calculi and deduction systems. For instance, instead of Chapter 4, we will use these notes.