Grades for CS 521

Grades will be determined by three elements.


Homework will be due each Tuesday in class.

There will be thirteen homework assignments. You must do at least ten of them. We will correct the homework collaboratively in class each Tuesday, so late homework will not count.

You are allowed to cooperate on homework. However, if you discuss a week's homework with persons X and Y, then write ''Discussed with X and Y.'' at the top of what you hand in. If the homework is joint work with X and Y, then write that at the top of the homework. In this case, they should also list you on theirs, so be sure that you are all clear about what is your joint work.



Quizzes will occur each Thursday during the class.

There will be twelve quizzes. The best ten will contribute to your grade.

Each quiz will be closely related to that week's homework. If you understand how to solve the homework problems, you should do well on the quiz.

There will be no makeups.

If (1) you are ill when a quiz is given, (2) and you can document this, and (3) you warn me of this before the quiz is given: then when you are feeling better we can meet for an oral quiz on the material.

Small Projects

Each student will do two small projects during the term. A project can consist of

Each project will lead to a small write-up and a 20 minute class presentation.

Projects can be shared between a pair of students, if more ambitious.


There will be an exam on Tuesday, 14 Dec.

The last homework will be due on Tuesday the 7th, since Tuesday the next week will be for the exam.

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