Intelligent User Interfaces
CS 525U - Spring 2008

Task-Based User Interface Projects
The ten projects below were implemented individually by the graduate students in CS 525U as the final project in a 14-week reading course. The goal of the project was to delve more deeply into the role of task models in intelligent user interfaces. The students were provided with a Java reference implementation of the ANSI/CEA-2018 Task Model Description (CE TASK 1.0) standard and asked to choose any domain of interest in which to implement a demonstration task-based user interface.

Please click through for more details on each project, including the complete task model, source code and an executable version. (Also see the 2009 CS 525U projects.)

I Can Email

Email helper for naive users.

EZ Listing Page

Creating eBay listing pages for art work.


Balancing a checkbook.

Mikey: An Intelligent Tutor for Teaching Scientific Inquiry Skills

Orville Flight Assistant

A training system for pre-flight and in-flight checklists.

Keen Coffee Machine

A coffee vending machine with an optional personal memory wand.

FIT: A Framework for Intelligent Training

Example involves operation of a personal GPS.

Policy Author

Graphical assistant for authoring access control policies.

Miracle Worker

Training starship crew to operate transporter beam equipment.


Assistant for options and costs of international mailing.