Intelligent User Interfaces
CS 525U - Spring 2008

Task-Based User Interface Project


Jason Wilson

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The application for which I have designed this interface is intended to be similar to ones which are used to determine the services and fees associated to sending a letter or package. These types of applications are often used in retail offices, including your local post office. Similar applications are available on the Web to allow users to get an estimate on shipping costs and sometimes to also receive payment and print the required mailing label. My application only calculates the cost of one package at a time and does not handle payments.

ANSI/CEA-2018 Task Model:

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Source Code (Eclipse project file)

A sample flow and a discussion of what worked, what didn't, and what might.

For more information about this project and/or the CEA-2018 standard, contact Professor Charles Rich.

** Why the 2 in Mails2? There is no definite answer, but I like to think of this as the next generation of a Mails application.