Intelligent User Interfaces
CS 525U - Spring 2008


Task-Based User Interface Project

ICE - I Can Email: An Email Helper Application

David Cantor


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ICE is an email helper application, which focuses on helping beginners learn how to perform basic email tasks.  ICE utilizes a “dummy” email system as its interface, in which users can perform actions such as creating, sending, deleting, etc.  From the helper size (left sidebar of the screen), users can choose a task and work through it, allowing the helper to perform certain functions (such as opening an email) whenever applicable.

ANSI/CEA-2018 Task Model:

Executable Jar File ("java -jar ice.jar")

Source Code (Eclipse project file)

Detailed Description:

  • Instructions for a typical interaction
  • What worked
  • What didn't
  • Future directions

For more information about this project and/or the CEA-2018 standard, contact Professor Charles Rich.