Intelligent User Interfaces
CS 525U - Spring 2008

Task-Based User Interface Project

Keen Coffee Machine

Maylene Waltz

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The Keen Coffee Machine is an intelligent coffee machine interface. The agent follows a task model that adheres to the CEA-2018 standard to guide the user through the steps of entering an optional wand number, selecting their coffee and paying for their coffee. The imaginary wand is a small, portable device that stores saved coffee options and a funds balance. This simplifies selecting the user's everyday coffee and payment.

ANSI/CEA-2018 Task Model:

Executable Jar File ("java -jar sample.jar, requires JDK 1.6+")

Source Code (Eclipse project file)

Detailed Description:

  • Instructions for a typical interaction
  • What worked
  • What didn't (Recursion XML here)
  • Future directions

For more information about this project and/or the CEA-2018 standard, contact Professor Charles Rich.