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Craig Wills, CS Professor and Dept Head, cew@wpi.edu

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WPI Computing-Related Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Programs

WPI Computer Science Admissions Student Assistants

In addition to many WPI Accepted Students Virtual Options, the following CS undergraduate students have volunteered to answer questions via email or video chat. Please reach out to them with questions.
Joseph Turcotte, 10 Reasons Why WPI CS Grace Seiche Sarah Akbar Eda Zhou
CS'20 (Cybersecurity Conc., BS/MS) CS/Psych'20 CS'21 CS'20 (Cybersecurity Conc., BS/MS)
jaturcotte@wpi.edu geseiche@wpi.edu sakbar@wpi.edu ezhou@wpi.edu

Jared Grimm Matt Iandoli Roger Wirkala Kit Zellerbach Natalia Carvajal Natalie Bloniarz
CS'19, (BS/MS) CS'21 CS'19, (BS/MS) CS'20 CS/Psych'21 CS/IMGD'20 (BS/MS Mgmt)
jgrimm@wpi.edu mjiandoli@wpi.edu rdwirkala@wpi.edu kgzellerbach@wpi.edu ncarvajalerker@wpi.edu nbloniarz@wpi.edu