Craig E. Wills

Computer Science Department
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA 01609
Phone: (508)831-5622
Fax: (508)831-5776
cew AT cs DOT wpi DOT edu

I am a faculty member in the Computer Science Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). More professional information about me along with a list of my publications is available in my vita. A list of publications available online can also be accessed. See my Google Scholar Profile for cited publications.

Research and Project Interests

PEDS Research Group
Systems and networking research group.

Privacy on the Web
Work to measure and understand privacy leakage on the Web while investigating techniques to prevent it.

Measuring Home Network Performance
Work to examine home network performance by using JavaScript/Flash and Java applets to reduce impediments and increase incentives for helping a user better understand "How's My Network".

Utility Computing for Internet Applications
Work to examine the utility provider model for service-oriented computing.

Higher Education
Work to analyze aspects of higher education.

Work on geographical analysis and influence.

Sports Analytics
Work on sports analytics.

Internet Applications and Protocols
Work to examine Internet applications and protocols in order to better understand them and improve their performance.

Web Performance and Caching
Work to reduce the costs and improve the coherence of Web caches. Includes an NSF-supported project to exploit object relationships for more deterministic management of distributed objects.

Distributed Computing
Projects in the area of distributed computing, load balancing and resource location in a distributed environment.

Network Management and Serviceability
Work to monitor, determine serviceability and display information about computer networks.

Flexibility in Systems and Interfaces
Work on how users customize user interfaces and how systems change as they are operate.

Manipulation of a User's Information Space
Work on how computer users find, view and manipulate available information on a day-to-day basis.

Webbib Project
Project to create an online bibliography of literature relevant to studying distributed systems topics as they relate to the World Wide Web.

Peer Learning in the Introductory Computer Science Curriculum
Project to use peer learning to an introductory data structures course and studying its use in the introductory computer science curriculum.

Integration of Research and Curriculum
Work on integrating research interests in distributed computing, networking and user interfaces into the undergraduate curriculum.

Teaching Activities

The following are courses I am currently teaching or have recently taught.

Theses and Projects

I generally advise theses and MQPs in the areas of networking, operating systems and user interfaces. The specific theses and MQPs and IQPs I have advised can be found here. I also have some ideas for additional MQP/IQP topics.

My own guidelines for projects as well as my Dos and Don'ts for writing project reports are available as well.