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CS3516 Computer Networks - Term B10
Instructor: Bob Kinicki

General and Historic Course Information
Course Information and Procedures | Academic Honesty Policies | Student Disabilities : last modified 19 Oct 10
Required Text: Computer Networking A Top-Down Approach, Fifth Edition, James Kurose and Keith Ross
Recommended Text: TCP/IP Sockets in C Practical Guide for Programmers, Second Edition, Donahoo and Calvert
Networks Textbooks : last modified 18 Oct 10

Introductory Explanation

The old undergraduate Computer Networks course, CS4514, has been replaced by two new courses CS3516 and CS4516 because the breadth of computer networking technology no longer fits within a single seven-week course. CS3516 introduces the important topics in computer networks while CS4516 provides more in-depth information and puts emphasis on Wireless Local Area Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks and network security issues.

Course Syllabus (pdf) : last modified 7 Dec 10
Class List (pdf) : last modified 31 Oct 10

Programming Assignments

Program 1: A Location Client and Server : last modified 18 Oct 10
Program 2: HTTP Request and Response : last modified 15 Nov 10
Program 3: Distance Vector Routing Simulation : last modified 30 Nov 10
Program 4: Using the Net Oracle : last modified 5 Dec 10

Wireshark Assignments

Wireshark #1: Introduction to Wireshark : last modified 19 Oct 10
Wireshark #2: Ethernet and ARP : last modified 7 Dec 10

Office Hours Schedule

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Help Session Slides

Help Session 1 [B10] pdf pptx Updated: 31 Oct 10
Help Session 2 [B10] pdf pptx Updated: 5 Dec 10

Old Exams

CS3516 Midterm B09 CS4516 Midterm C10 CS3516 Midterm Review CS3516 Midterm B10
CS3516 Final B09 CS4516 Final C10 CS3516 Final Review CS3516 Final B10

CS3516 Lecture Slides

Course Objectives pdf pptx Updated: 18 Oct 10
Introduction pdf pptx Updated: 28 Oct 10
Hobb's Internet History url  
Internet Milestones pdf pptx Updated: 1 Nov 10
Network Architecture and the OSI Model pdf pptx Updated: 18 Oct 10
TCP Sockets pdf pptx Updated: 18 Oct 10
Network Switching pdf pptx Updated: 18 Oct 10
Network Performance Measures pdf pptx Updated: 4 Nov 10
Sample Network Delay Problems pdf ppt Updated: 11 Nov 10
Introduction to the Physical Layer pdf pptx Updated: 8 Nov 10
Introduction to Network Security pdf pptx Updated: 19 Oct 10
Application Layer pdf pptx Updated: 13 Nov 10
HTTP pdf pptx Updated: 11 Nov 10
DNS pdf pptx Updated: 15 Nov 10
Transport Layer pdf pptx Updated: 29 Nov 10
Data Link Layer:: Reliable Data Transport Protocol pdf pptx Updated: 22 Nov 10
TCP Congestion Control pdf pptx Updated: 29 Nov 10
Distance Vector Routing pdf pptx Updated: 29 Nov 10
Network Layer pdf pptx Updated: 6 Dec 10
Introduction to LANs and Various Ethernets pdf pptx Updated: 7 Dec 10
Ethernet and ARP pdf pptx Updated: 6 Dec 10
Wireless Networks pdf pptx Updated: 6 Dec 10

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