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CS3516 Wireshark #2
Ethernet and ARP  7 points
Due: Monday, December 13, 2010 at noon

Ethernet and ARP is a Kurose and Ross Wireshark lab designed to let you use Wireshark to study the characteristics of the Ethernet and ARP protocols. You are to answer ONLY the first 16 questions. Do not bother with question 17 or the two extra credit questions! After following all the assignment instructions, in your final step before exiting Wireshark you must save your capture file using: "File" --> "Save".

What to turnin

This lab assignment includes answering 16 questions. Type your answers to the questions into a text file that includes your name at the top. You must include the Wireshark capture file (the default extension is .pcap) that you used to answer the questions. Combine everything into a single zip or tar file and submit using the CCC turnin.

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