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CS3516 Wireshark #1
Introduction to Wireshark  3 points
Due: Tuesday, November 2, 2010 at 11:59 p.m.

Getting Started is the first Kurose and Ross Wireshark lab designed to familiarize the student with the Wireshark packet capture tool. Using a 'cook book' set of instructions, the assignment involves installing Wireshark, gathering trace data and doing basic performance analysis.

Wireshark is available at: www.wireshark.org and you will need to install it on a computer (desktop or laptop).

Note: If you do not have access to computer for running Wireshark, let us know ASAP by sending email to cs3516-ta. We will try to find a way for you to complete the Wireshark assignments.

Promiscuous mode is the default Wireshark setting. You must NOT run in promiscuous mode.
It is a AUP violation to collect other people's traffic. Turning off promiscuous mode also reduces the amount of data Wireshark collects.

You turn off promiscuous mode in the "Capture" --> "Options" window (where you can select the device and other options).

After following all the assignment instructions, you must save your capture file using: "File" --> "Save" as your final step before exiting Wireshark.

What to turnin

This lab assignment includes answering the questions on the last page of the lab description. Type your answers to the questions into a text file that includes your name at the top. You must include the Wireshark capture file (the default extension is .pcap) that you used to answer the questions. Combine everything into a single zip or tar file and submit using the CCC turnin.

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