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Bob Kinicki
Professor Emeritus
Computer Science Department

As of July 1st 2016, I am a WPI CS Professor Emeritus. While officially retired, I remain involved with WPI through its Global Projects Program. In the D24 term I will serve as co-advisor with Professor Du for the Taipei Project Center in Taiwan.

WPI President's 2020 IQP of the Year Zoom Presentations YouTube link
LakeW's final New Zealand presentation: LakeW 2016 IQP Presentation with President's 2017 IQP Award Presentation

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I have a running bibliography of over 150 references concerning Wireless Sensor Networks at: WSN Bibliography 2013.

Research Presentations prior to my retirement in July 2016:
The Internet of Things: Introduction and Issues, Victoria University of Wellington Colloquium 16 February 2016
A Snapshot of IoT Puzzle Pieces with Focus on Trickle PEDS 23 November 2015
Review of 2014 Internet of Things Conference PEDS 13 October 2014 - Internet of Things Program
Introduction to Internet of Things, CS Colloquium 15 March 2013
Observing Home Wireless Experience through WIFI APs, PEDS 18 November 2012
The Internet of Things, PEDS 5 December 2011
MAC Protocols for Health Care WSNs, PEDS 19 September 2011
Energy Analysis of Four Wireless Sensor MAC Protocols, ISWPC11, Hong Kong, February 2011
AS-MAC: An Asynchronous Scheduled MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks, PEDS 1 November 2010
Open Discussion of Mobile Operating Systems, PEDS 7 December 2009
Teaching Computing to Non-Majors CS Colloquium May 2008
Teaching Technology Fellowship Results Food for Thought April 2008
A Glimpse at Three Wireless Networking Problems CS Colloquium Oct 2007
Research Directions from MobiCom 2007 , PEDS 24 September 07
Wireless Dynamic Rate Adaptation , PEDS 26 March 07
"Power Efficient System for Sensor Networks", PEDS 18 September 06, Powerpoint
WOC07 Montreal, May 2007 | P2MNet06 November 2006 | Performance Evaluation of Computer Networks November 2006 | Research Bytes October 2006 | EuroIMSA06 Euro IMSA Trip Report | EuroIMSA06 Innsbruck, Austria February 2006 | WMuNeP05 Montreal, Canada October 2005 | NOSSDAV05 Skamania, Washington June 2005 | Research Rugby November 2004 | Research Byte October 2004 | PEDS September 2004 | DMS04 September 2004 | IPCCC04 April 2004 | Networking Research PEDS October 2003 | NOSSDAV03 Monterey, Ca., June 2003 | IMW02 Marseille, France November 2002 | ISCC02 Taormina, Italy July 2002 | ICN01 Colmar, France July 2001

Recent Overseas IQP Advising

  • Project Co-advisor with Professor Pollice for Cuenca Project Center D23
  • Project Co-advisor with Professor Danielski for Bucharest Project Center D22
  • Project Advisor for Prague, Czech Republic Project Center B22
  • Project Co-advisor with Professor Butler for Bucharest Project Center D21
  • Other Activities and Hobbies

  • France
  • Playing Basketball
  • Playing Soccer
  • NCAA Basketball Predictions
  • Wine

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    Last Few Courses Taught

  • Advanced Computer and Communications Networks CS577/EE537
  • Computer Networks CS3516
  • Introduction to Computer and Communications Networks CS513
  • Advanced Computer Networks CS4516

    Historic Courses

  • Computer Networks CS4514
  • Operating Systems CS3013
  • Local Area Networks CS576/EE536
  • High Performance Networks C530/EE530


    A set of CS faculty and students continue to play something that resembles basketball in Recreation Center on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays around the lunch hour. They welcome students to our games!!

    50th Birthday Basketball


    A group of students and faculty play soccer on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When the weather permits we play on the football field beginning at noon. During the winter and under inclement weather, they play in Harrington Gym at noon.

    Spring 2015 Soccer

    Summer 2010 Soccer

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    Robert E. Kinicki

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