Tutorial on VRML V2.0

by Carl Shimer, 1997

This tutorial was created as a project for the advanced topics in graphics class taught at WPI. This tutorial is not intended to cover all the aspects of the VRML language; rather it is designed to give you a taste of the possibilities of VRML. Fortunately, there are a number of good books and web sites on VRML. Check out the reference section for links.

Topics that will be covered in this tutorial are:

Requirements for VRML and walkthrough

VRML requires a fairly significant amount of processing power. Most demos will probably not run with any kind of performance on any machine less than a mid range pentium. Higher end UNIX workstations and SGI's will probably run the demo at a decent framerate.

VRML plugin

In order to view the walkthrough, you also need a VRML plugin for your favorite Web browser. I highly recommend the cosmo VRML player from SGI. It is the best VRML 2.0 browser available today.

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