Linking VRML worlds

In order to link VRML worlds, you can use an anchor node. An anchor node specifies that a user action will cause the user to be transported to a new VRML world. In the demo world, there are two example of anchors to other worlds. It should be pretty easy to find out where the anchors are. The anchor syntax if fairly simple; the VRML developer needs three fields: a URL to jump to, a description of the new world, an object that the anchor will be bound to. In the following code, a cube is created that when clicked on will transport the user to a new world.

Anchor { url "" description "Floops from SGI" children Transform { translation 0 .75 -15 scale .5 .5 .5 children [ Shape { ... } ] }

The url field specifies the file to load. It does not have to be another VRML world; it can be a file, a picture, or an html page. The children node specifies an object that the user can click on to load the new world.