VRML primitive shapes

VRML supports four primitive shapes: the box node, the Cone node, the Cylinder node, and the Sphere node. The following are images of the basic primitives (courtesy of the the VRML Sourcebook, Wiley and Sons, Inc.)

basic box:

basic Cone:

basic cylinder:

basic Sphere:

Syntax for a box:

Box {
	size 2 2 2 # field SFVec3f
Syntax for a cone
Cone {
	bottomRadius 1
	Height 3
Syntax for a cylinder
Cylinder {
	radius 3
	height 10
Syntax for a sphere
Sphere {
	radius 10

Note that all of these primitive objects have more options that are shown. The online VRML documentation or a good VRML book can explain all of the fields in detail.