Technical Game Development II - The Games

D-term 2007


Developed by: Chris Cooper, Yilmaz Kiymaz, and Robert Martin

Tri-game-alon is a multi-genre game that combines the best of three worlds: puzzles, guns and cars. The gameplay is an amalgam of three distinct genres of games: Puzzle Games, First-Person Shooters and Racing Games. Each of these genres are smoothly blended together to provide diverse, yet seamless gameplay. This fusion is both the innovation and technical focus for the game.



Developed by: Zach Kamsler and Joshua Earl

This game is a top-down shooter. The player has crash landed on a hostile enemy planet and must kill or be killed to survive. The player can shoot and move in any direction. Enemies pursue and attack using a variety of different AI behaviors.



Developed by: James Johnson, Ben Kidder and Tom Peterson

As the magnanimous overseer of a fledgling colony of amalgamuts, you must ensure their success on their quest to spread light across the land. It's a race against your vociferous foes; can your civilization construct the repository of resplendence before the morass of crepuscule overtakes the land? Simple on the top but layered with complexity, amalgamations utilizes its minimalist interface and clever AI to provide a fresh outlook on the real-time strategy genre.


A Study in Dust

Developed by: Garon Clements, Chris Drouin and Evan May

Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to build a space colony in the ruins of an alien civilization. It's awoken the wrath of a swarm of alien nano-bots that are laying waste to the landscape and drawing closer every minute. The only defense against the tiny menace is the colony's high-powered mobile spotlight, which can rotate 360 degrees and move slowly about the landscape to burn the bots out of the air. The swarms are smart and relentless, though to mount an effective defense, one will need to carefully position mirrors and lenses about the base to angle the light around the corners of the ruins and catch the bots before they arrive. Survive long enough in one area and the winds will shift, carrying the nano-bots to a new area in need of defending. Can you save the entire colony?


Imperator Sidereus

Developed by: Dana Asplund, Kalun Fu, Tim Loughlin and Joshua Jamilkowski

Imperator Sidereus is a 3D space combat simulator where players battle to eliminate the massive base of the opposing team! The base serves as both the player spawn point, and the repair/rearm center for the team. If the team's base is destroyed by the opposing team, then they lose the match. Players must defend it at all cost while strategically coordinating offensive attacks against the opposing team's base.


Shape Wars

Developed by: Isaac Chanin and Steve Olivieri

Shape Wars: Attack of the 10th Grade Geometry is an exciting, innovative action-adventure game. Players take control of avatars that can shift into many different shapes, bestowing upon them powerful abilities that help them overcome their foes and progress toward the goal. They must compete with other players that are attempting to complete the same goal while simultaneously thwarting each other with a variety of tactics. Each world will provide a unique challenge consisting of varying terrain, rocks, steep inclines, and other obstacles that players must overcome to reach the end of the world. Secret areas and special rewards await intrepid players who manage to reach them.


Up the Ante!

Developed by: Nathan Roy, Brandon Germain, and Christopher Donnelly

Up the Ante is an off-line poker game which follows the normal rules of Texas Hold'em Poker but is a more exciting social game of bluffing, strategy, and a little bit of luck due to the fact that the AI opponents exhibit humanistic behaviors. Game play will resemble regular Texas Hold'em Poker, allowing players to control their bets and their actions, while making sure they do not break the rules or act out of turn. In addition, it will automatically bet blinds and keep track of the pot contributions. The technical focus of the game shall be having a human like AI which has emotions based upon how it has been doing in previous hands.