Imperator Sidereus

IMGD4000 Final Project

Sourceforge Project Page
Version 2.0 - Final demo download!

Team Members:
Dana Asplund
Kalun Fu
Tim Loughlin
Joshua Jamilkowski

Imperator Sidereus is a 3D space combat simulator where players battle to eliminate the massive base of the opposing team! The base serves as both the player spawn point, and the repair/rearm center for the team. If the teamís base is destroyed by the opposing team, then they lose the match. Players must defend it at all cost while strategically coordinating offensive attacks against the opposing teamís base.

Game Features:
1. 1st and 3rd person cameras
2. Multiple ship classes (fighter and bomber)
3. Multiple weapon types (laser, particle cannon, plasma cannon, missiles, torpedoes)
4. Basic UDP networking setup
5. Asteroid fields

Technical Focus (Changed):
Custom game engine written by the team in C++ using Object-Oriented design principles.

3D models, particle effects, and GUI system.

Force based movement, collision detection, and rigid body kinematics.

Game Plan

Library Links:
Graphics Engine: OGRE3d v1.4
Input: OIS
Sound: FMOD
Network: RakNet
Physics: ODE

Copyright 2007
Dana Asplund, Kalun Fu, Tim Loughlin, and Joshua Jamilkowski
Worcester Polytechnic Institute