Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to build a space colony in the ruins of an alien civilization. It's awoken the wrath of a swarm of alien nano-bots that are laying waste to the landscape and drawing closer every minute. The only defense against the tiny menace is the colony's high-powered mobile spotlight, which can rotate 360 degrees and move slowly about the landscape to burn the bots out of the air. The swarms are smart and relentless, though to mount an effective defense, one will need to carefully position mirrors and lenses about the base to angle the light around the corners of the ruins and catch the bots before they arrive. Survive long enough in one area and the winds will shift, carrying the nano-bots to a new area in need of defending. Can you save the entire colony?


Game Features

  • Lighting System

    Use light to do stuff!

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Enemies swarm, move around obstacles, and avoid the light!

  • 2D Amazingness

    In full 2D! All games are better in 2D!