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Final Projects from IMGD-1001, A Term 2013

This page contains the final projects for IMGD-1001: The Game Development Process, from A Term 2013.

For most students, this was their first college course, and also their first attempt at making a game. All projects used Game Maker (v. 7 or 8), and were completed in the space of four weeks.

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A playable download (Windows only) for each game is provided.

Game: Avalon

Join the Rebellion in their fight against the oppressive Colonial Government, in this futuristic mech-based side-scrolling action shooter. Avalon allows you to take control of a powerful mobile frame, piloted by the courageous soldier Natsumi, on her mission to defeat President James Hilton and his armies. Traveling through her path, you will make use of her unique weaponry, in order to take down enemies in her path, and reach the capital, where the President resides.

Team: Team Winged Kuriboh

David Bartlett
Daniel Driggs
Christopher Gillis

>>> Download Demo (54.5MB) <<<

Game: The Battle of Castle Greenway

The Battle of Castle Greenway combines platforming and RPG elements. With vintage-style visuals and combat The Battle of Castle Greenway will continue to draw players back with its simplicity yet its replayability because of the character change system. Each level will feature different paths to encourage replaying the level with a different character. The game is quick yet engrossing and most players will find its appeal attractive enough to return.

Team: First & Last Games

Ryan Baker
William Blackstone
Robert Esposito

>>> Download Demo (18.8MB) <<<

Game: Behind the Maze

Behind the Maze is a tower-defense spin-off in which the player sets and controls the traps in the maze to stop adventurers from stealing the treasure.

Team: The Upperclassmen

Emily Miller
Evan Polekoff
Alexander Turland

>>> Download Demo (66.3MB) <<<

Game: Chrono-Guardians

After a mysterious fracture in the fabric of space-time opens, different time periods come together. In Sparta, the king and his forces array themselves before the fracture, ready to defend themselves against any foe that assails them. But a dark force is rising, and even the Spartans may not be able to stand alone against the threat...

Team: CSL Studios

Sean McCarthy
Christian Mortensen
Larry Nieves

>>> Download Demo (5.0MB) <<<

Game: Condiment Carnage

In a world, where condiments run rampant and throw themselves onto poor innocent food, three very tasty heroes rise from the depths. You play as either the greasy Hambomber, the mystical Sandwitch, or the sneaky N.H.D. (The Ninja Hot Dog) trying to take out the condiment's clusters. To aid you in your defense of your house, you are provided three types of allies to place in specific and set places. These allies will help shoot at the incoming condiment horde as they run by. Our heroes can wield a pistol, a shotgun, a mini-gun, and a rocket launcher. The enemies will continue to come until the whole health of the base is depleted.

Team: KeJaMa Studios

John Baia
Kedong Ma
Kevin Martin

>>> Download Demo (95.4MB) <<<

Game: Iron Angel

Iron Angel is a fast-paced sidescroller action game where the player controls Ace, a scientist who must fight off an army of enemy invaders with a powerful mech-suit. The mech is outfitted with two primary weapons and a secondary, shoulder-mounted, weapon. Each of these weapon slots can be fitted with a number of unique weapons. Iron Angel promises balanced game-play as well as a fun and challenging difficulty curve, and comes with three missions.

Team: Brainstorm

Eric Benson
Keenan Gray
Connor Porell

>>> Download Demo (4.5MB) <<<

Game: Lab Rat

Lab Rat combines elements of platforming, puzzle solving, and open exploration. The player controls a lab rat navigating through a chemistry lab filled with deadly acid and traps, a robotics lab filled with dangerous robots and machines, and a virtual lab where the player must travel inside a computer. Along the way, the player will collect key cards to open the final exit to the outside world. To help him escape, the player will find unique items like the acid cannon and hacking tool. To play, use WASD to move and jump, with the S key used to enter doors. The J key uses the selected weapon, and keys 1 and 2 select the current weapon.

Team: Prototype Productions

Sean Halloran
Lindsay O'Donnell
Shane Stenson

>>> Download Demo (112.1MB) <<<

Game: Scritch Scratch Attack

The game Scritch Scratch Attack is a scrolling top-down shooter where the player is a ship who is playing on a chalkboard. It is the playerŐs job to destroy the enemies as they come down from the top of the screen and complete the levels as they attempt to reach the eraser boss.

Team: VADA

Adam Ansel
Vincent Doyle

>>> Download Demo (19.4MB) <<<

Game: Super Daka Chef

Super Daka Chef is a dungeon crawler Role-Playing-Game with Turn-Based-Strategy and Tower Defense inspired gameplay elements which is based on a culinary theme and inspired by classic RPGs such as Final Fantasy.

Team: Team Elder Squerrels

Christian Gonzalez
Evan Patten
Ceren Savasan

>>> Download Demo (4.8MB) <<<

Game: The Coming Swarm

Human colonists struggle for survival against The Coming Swarm by constructing ramshackle defenses from the scraps they are able to scrape together. This tower defense game will provide a huge test to anyone who chooses to help the human colonist defend their territory. The challenge will be to balance spending enough scrap to successfully defend your base while having enough to beat the map. Are you willing to risk it all?

Team: The Lost Defenders

Andrew Lukas
Yasmeen Luna
Samuel Wallach

>>> Download Demo (3.3MB) <<<


A 2D top-down puzzle game where three adventurers must navigate a castle using their unique abilities.

Team: Benny and The Jets

Anthony Torres
Bryce Dumas
Benjamin Peake

>>> Download Demo (37.2MB) <<<

Game: WaffleQuest

In a world where food is imbued with mystical powers, the waffle reigns supreme. Creatures of horror, legend, and magic are dependent on the power imbued in food for survival. Bob, hideous and shunned by the humans of the realm, must consume waffles to survive... and he is all out of ingredients. Aid Bob in his quest to retrieve ingredients and craft the perfect waffle!

Team: WaffleBat

Amber Facchini
Max Kinney
Maeve McCluskey

>>> Download Demo (3.8MB) <<<

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