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Final Projects from IMGD-1001, A Term 2007

This page contains the final projects for IMGD-1001: The Game Development Process, from A Term 2007.

For most students, this was their first college course, and also their first attempt at making a game. All projects used Game Maker (v. 6 or 7), and were completed in the space of four weeks.

A panel of judges, consisting of game developers from the Boston area and WPI faculty, evaluated all the games during a set of four final presentations, and made awards for Best Overall, Most Novel, Most Fun, Best Art, Best Tech, and Best Sound for each session. In addition, the audience voted for their favorites.

Projects are listed with those receiving the most awards first, and then alphabetically.
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A playable download (Windows only) for each game is provided.

*** MOST FUN ***
*** BEST TECH ***

Game: Tubes

Tubes is a fast-paced sidescroller where the player takes the role of Hero, a man on a mission to destroy the internet to save its inhabitants from the recent Google Virus outbreak. This anticompetitive move by the internet giant threatens to take over all that is digital, and Hero seems to be the only one who can see the danger. Grabbing his trusty ping gun, he jumps into the tubes to take matters into his own hands. Ride packets, destroy routers and fight popup ads as you race through this cyberpunk universe, complete with wireframe graphics and a techno soundtrack. This fall, be prepared for the fight of your life. Tubes. On computers everywhere October 5th.

Team: TeamRocket

Karl Gibson
Morgan Quirk
Zach Miller

>>> Download Demo (14.7MB) <<<

*** MOST FUN ***
*** BEST TECH ***

Game: Ranachura the Woodland Warrior

Action! Adventure! Animals? Ranachura follows the story of Ranachura, the ninja frog who quests to save his family from rival animals. It will not be easy; he must use all of his ninja techniques to pass all of the obstacles put in front of him. The game world is in platform style, with side-scrolling elements added in. The player also has an open-ended level choice, allowing for different routes through the game. The game ends when the player is defeated or completes the final level.


Tim Volpe
Brannon Cote Dumphy
Joey Chipman

>>> Download Demo (4.6MB) <<<

*** MOST FUN ***

Game: B.L.I.P.

B.L.I.P. is a platformer puzzle game which combines the style of classic platformers like Metroid or Mario, with a revolutionary new gameplay element: the ability to control gravity to defeat enemies and progress through levels. The player will never get bored of the exciting and fast-paced collection of puzzles and enemies, each new level introducing a new aspect to challenge the player.

Team: Skeptic Studios

Chris Chung
Billy Early
Lukas Wong-Achorn

>>> Download Demo (4.6MB) <<<

*** BEST ART ***

Game: Hellfire: Shadow of the Wild West

It's up to you to save your hometown from demonic enslavement. With your trusty lasso and six shooter, rope up bandits and demons and exorcise the impurities from their soul. Can you save lives when it really counts? Can you lasso deranged varmints? Can you take on the leader of the demonic underworld? Find out in Hellfire: Shadow of the Wild West, a Wild West action platformer coming to your computer faster than you can shoot at it. Featuring combo driven lasso combat, ranged weaponry, horseriding, and fullscale epic boss battles.

Team: Bodane

John Andrews
Casey Bell
Ross Doran

>>> Download Demo (6.8MB) <<<

*** MOST FUN ***
*** MOST NOVEL ***

Game: Gateway to Epix

Gateway to Epix combines the action and excitement of a platform game with the character development of an RPG. The player controls the Hero Raylar Moondon through an epic quest of vengeance for the destruction of his home village. Raylar is proficient in the use of swords, guns, and magic to fight through hordes of enemies and epic boss fights, resulting in the greatest adventure known to the world of Epix.

Team: LeetPants

Douglas Turcotte
Christopher Embree
Stanley Chung

>>> Download Demo (5MB) <<<

*** BEST ART ***

Game: Anachronism

Overhead shooter that is story based.

Team: TeamAwesomeSauce

Peter Borge
Timothy Cushman
Sam Rogers

>>> Download Demo (3.5MB) <<<

*** MOST NOVEL ***

Game: RoboSavior

RoboSavior is a 2D platforming shooter in which the player saves or destroys to restore peace to his planet. RoboSavior is a game in which the player is a lone robot warrior charged with the salvation of his fellow machines from an external corruption that has turned the peaceful race into pragmatic soldiers. The player will travel through a web of levels to reach his ultimate goal. How this goal will be reached is up to the player: he can decide whether to kill opponents or merely disable them. Along the way, the protagonist will gain new weapons and abilities, enabling the player to customize his play style and choose his own path through the world.

Team: MaKeDa Games

Matthew Sonntag
Kevin Kelleher
David Becroft

>>> Download Demo (3.8MB) <<<

*** BEST SOUND ***

Game: Phooka's Requiem

Phooka's Requiem combines the strategy and intensity of Ikaruga with the planning and diversity of RPGs. A fast-paced shooter game where the player can buy upgrades for his plane by doing spectacular maneuvers which earn him points. Demolish your opponents by buying power components, nullify their attacks with the defensive upgrades, or dodge them altogether with maneuverability parts. What's your style?

Team: Synikal Entertainment

Adrian Mejia
Eddie Viteri
Matt Ivory

>>> Download Demo (42.1MB) <<<

*** BEST ART ***

Game: Deadfall

Deadfall places you in a dark underworld in which the only way to escape is to venture further into the bowels of the Earth. In this action/survival game, you must utilize traps and your surroundings to stay one step ahead of the ensuing enemies. Make one false move and you may never see the light of day again.

Team: Trap Master Productions

Sean Crepeau
Daniel Hartman
Kyle Hess

>>> Download Demo (3.1MB) <<<


Game: Trapped

The Trapped Prototype is a 2D Puzzle game, with elements of Splinter Cell and a Zelda reminiscent feel. The prototype has a main menu which allows the user to go into an options screen (to select difficulty, music, and sound preferences), view credits, exit or start the game. While the game was planned to have three primary stages, the prototype implements the first stage and some of the second stage. The player has been thrown into a prison cell and does not know why he is there or how to escape - but those two things are the player's goal. The player traverses the dungeon, reading journals and dodging prison guards. After obtaining a sword, the player fights his way to the second level where he must refine his skills. The prototype shortens this level significantly and the player fights the final boss (which would not appear until the end of stage three) rather quickly.

Team: Team Crescent Moon

Elliot Borenstein
Andrew Cote
Ian Williams

>>> Download Movie (670.9MB) <<<

*** BEST TECH ***

Game: Plastic Artillery: Power Struggle

Plastic Artillery: Power Struggle is a battle of the wits, turn-based strategy game, where players battle each other for supremacy on the battlefield. It combines the turn-based worms-styled game play with the RTS elements of Starcraft and the round-based element of Counter-Strike. Each player begins with a certain amount of cash, which they will use to build up their army, buying different types of units, which offer different strategies. At the end of each round, players will get cash based on their score to repair/buy new units and prepare for the next round.

Team: HardHit Development

Khoa Do Ba
Michael Ng
Marquis Pendleton

>>> Download Demo (14.3MB) <<<

*** BEST ART ***

Game: Purge

Fight your way through the city killing the zombies along the way. Your health (green) and mana (blue) are displayed as bars in the top left corner of the screen. Underneath that is your currently selected psychic ability. You can cycle through three of them (bolt, cone, and nova). You are also equipped with a gun and a melee attack. You can move dumpsters into your enemies path by meleeing them and blow up barrels to hurt your enemies using your guns.

Team: I_HAS_GAEMS!!1!

Kyle Sarnik
Andrew Stroud
Dylan James

>>> Download Demo (5.1MB) <<<

*** BEST SOUND ***

Game: DAKA Smuggler

DAKA Smuggler is a new stealth strategy. This game allows the player to move at his or her own pace, and its humor can be appreciated by anyone who has ever set foot in a cafeteria (especially DAKA). The goal of the game is to take as much as food as you can carry from DAKA and escape without being caught by the DAKA employees. The player will need to keep track of how much food they have taken because that will influence the DAKA employees' actions towards him/her.

Team: JumpTheFence

Mary Yovina
Daniel "DC" Corfman
Aaron Breton

>>> Download Demo (13MB) <<<

*** BEST SOUND ***

Game: Wedge Rats

Fight your way across your college campus. Duel your most hated teachers and even that principal that always gave you detentions.

Wedge Rats is an arcade style fighting game where you play as a selected character and fight against your greatest enemies from college. Now you can "Lay the Smack-down" on your most hated math teacher and show that jock that always picked on you who's the real boss now. Fight across campus in arenas such as your Quad, the Wedge, and the Fountain with your own special moves!

Team: TeamAwesomeLaser

Ben Goldberg
Adam Pastorello
Jett Mitchell-Rose

>>> Download Demo (25.9MB) <<<

*** BEST TECH ***

Game: Apocalypse Rising

Apocalypse Rising is a story-based isometric 2D adventure game where the player hunts down creatures in order to collect and craft equipment with the specific goal of defeating the game's final boss. Apocalypse Rising takes the player on an atmospheric journey which involves a deep story line revolving around the causation of the world's demise. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world set in the 1950s in which modern society as deteriorated into mayhem. The player travels across the massive game world in search of mutant monsters to kill. These monsters drop special items that the player can then use in order to craft improved weapons.

Team: Team Members

Robert Banahan
Sean Beck
Riley Brown

>>> Download Demo (2.5MB) <<<

Game: Dark's Dilemma: When Bad Does Good

A colorful, exploration-based platform game wherein an evil wizard must prove his innocence by rescuing a princess. The player will climb, jump and cast a variety of magic spells as he searches for the missing princess.

Team: Lost Reality

Gregory Kinneman
Charles Murphy
Victoria Zukas

>>> Download Demo (2.7MB) <<<

Game: Escapee

In a cold and hostile city, a patient is pushed past his limit and fights to regain his sanity. In Escapee, the player takes on the role of an honest man by the name of Dole Robinson as he tries to run away from his past in an attempt to blend in with society. He must fight through his psychosis if he ever hopes to escape his nightmarish world of colorful monsters and even the feared monkey-pirate Rotten Bananabeard.


a Lee Chiang
Matthew Lyon
Sally Saba

>>> Download Demo (3.2MB) <<<

Game: Inferno

The game will be a 2D platformer, along the lines of Castlvania and Metal Slug, depicting Dante's descent into Hell, as described in "Dante's Inferno".

Team: Scoregasm

Ryan Chadwick
Sam Wheless
Adam Przystas

>>> Download Demo (5.3MB) <<<

Game: College Kid

The College Journey is the tale of young Jack's adventure through college. He must avoid the distracting socialities and aversions in order to defeat complete each year of college. Throw pens and get a jump on the books in order to succeed.

Team: Tactix

Bryan Rosseau
Jaime Bezek

>>> Download Demo (5.2MB) <<<

Game: Pirates, Robots, and Ninjas

Need we say more?

Team: Team Awesome

Edward Orsi
Elliot Brodzki
Kevin McManus

>>> Download Demo (15.7MB) <<<

Game: Phoenix

You pilot an experimental alien ship to get revenge against the aliens who attacked Earth. The gameplay is a mix of both Ikaruga, a popular color based shooter, and previous weapons based side scrolling shooters. It will use a fast paced and challenging gameplay system to keep the player continually playing our game.

Team: Gnarkill

Craig Jordan

>>> Download Demo (3.1MB) <<<

Game: JanitorQuest

Locked in a closet after hiding from a mysterious group attacking your castle, you, the janitor, finally break out to discover your castle overrun by the marauding invaders. Armed only with your trusty mop to start, you must save the castle (and/or flee in terror) from the evil within... once you find the key out, anyway. Are you clean enough to do it?

Team: TechNerds

Joshua Ginsburg
Christopher Williams
Ryan Cassidy

>>> Download Demo (4.8MB) <<<

Game: The 13th Cauldron

The player takes control of a young hero, who must battle his way through hordes of enemies in order to save the world from domination by the evil witch of the 7th cauldron (There are 13 cauldrons in all). The main weapon of the hero is his own cauldron (the noted 13th cauldron) which he carries on a chain. This cauldron was passed down to him from his mother, the Witch of the 13th. The hero can use his cauldron as a melee weapon to smash his enemies. He can also place elements inside his cauldron, allowing him to transform into powerful avatars.

Team: The Merchantz

Dean Gianotti
Andy Wisniewski
Baltasar Sanchez

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