The Game Development Process - The Games

T-Shirt Ninja

Download T-Shirt Ninja

Developed by: Andrew Brommelhoff, Brandon Germain, Jesse King, and Allen Seitz

T-Shirts? Ninjas? No, not ninjas with t-shirts, but a T-shirt ninja. That is what you will become, or rather, what is destined by fate. Wielding only a wooden practice sword (your bokken), you must conquer the elements, or in this case, tons and tons of ninjas! You must prove that t-shirt ninjas are just as good as the real deal, even if it means becoming dismembered or a horribly rendered pile of flesh. That's the least of your worries though, since they've got your little sister! More importantly, they've got your awesomely hot girlfriend as well.

(Honorable mention for Best Overall Game, Students' Choice Award)
(Winner of Best Gameplay, Best Programming, Project Pitch Panel Award)

Unhappy Adventure

Download Unhappy Adventure

Developed by: Mike Fortier, Domenic Giancola, and Matt Maziarz

Daryl and Carlos' Unhappy Adventure is a fast paced overhead 2D action shooter. It allows the player to move from level to level clearing all of the enemies using multiple weapons and traps. Daryl and Carlos' Unhappy Adventure also has support for two players to play cooperatively or competitively through the game. Many enemies will be present on screen shooting and running at the player(s).

(Winner of Best Visual Art, Best Gameplay, Honorable mention for Best Overall Game, Most Original Game, Students' Choice Award)
(Winner of Best Gameplay, Project Pitch Panel Award)

Disaster Master

Download Disaster Master

Developed by: Griffin Bryant, Tim Chen and Matthew Kwiatkowski

Build your own world of forests, oceans, deserts, and mountains while destroying your opponent's in this addicting head-to-head action/puzzle game. Disaster Master is a competitive two player game where each player tries to fill their own board while preventing their opponent from doing the same. Both players have access to the same supply of pieces and items so whoever grabs a piece first gets to use it as they wish. Fill your board and get points based on the size of the areas you have assembled.

(Winner of Best Overall Game, Best Gameplay, Most Original Game, Honorable mention for Best Visual Art, Students' Choice Award)
(Winner of Best Gameplay, Best Programming, Project Pitch Panel Award)

Nuclear Exploration

Download Nuclear Exploration

Developed by: Jeremiah Chaplin, Brian Ellis, and David Lopez

After a devastating nuclear war in the mid 21st century, the Earth has been reduced to a nuclear wasteland covered by dark clouds which have removed the sun from the sky. The few humans that have survived this catastrophe have clustered themselves away in shelters attempting to survive. With their supplies dwindling, the shelters send out their excess population to gather resources in the wastes or die in the attempt, freeing the shelter from having to care for them. You are one of those unlucky enough to be chosen for this duty and your only hope is to explore the surrounding wasteland and gather the resources you and your shelter need to survive.

(Honorable mention for Best Overall Game, Most Original Game, Students' Choice Award)
(Winner of Best Gameplay, Best Programming, Project Pitch Panel Award)

Awesome Moe's Adventure

Download Awesome Moe

Developed by: Michael Giles (Team Lead, Programmer, Level Design), Jordan Lopez (Art Director, Level Design), Jeff Meyer (Sound Director, Level Design)

One rat's race to escape the lab and get the girl. Help Moe save his girlfriend and leave the lab while escaping robots, mad scientists, and mutated rats.

(Honorable mention for Best Overall Game, Students' Choice Award)

Nautical Misadventures

Download Nautical Misadventures

Developed by: Greg Labonte and Richard Tamalavitch

Nautical Misadventures is a new and innovative Action/Adventure Role Playing Game about those rogues of the sea, pirates. Take the role of the Anti-Hero fighting for good as you see it, and battling an evil worse than you. Sail the seven seas, visit exotic ports, work your way up the ladder of power, and of course plunder and pillage to your black little heart's content.

(Honorable mention for Best Gameplay, Students' Choice Award)

Shurikens and Scurvy

Download Shurikens and Scurvy

Developed by: Aaron Bell and Neal Orman

Shurikens and Scurvy plays as a scrolling platform-based fighting game. The player takes on the role of a rogue ninja fighting to help his dojo gain power over the forces of the pirates. Using a fast-paced intuitive battle system, the player faces waves of pirates. As the game progresses, the player acquires new special attacks by saving wise ninja masters that have been captured by the pirates. This storyline leaves the potential for a sequel where the pirates strike back.

(Honorable mention for Best Visual Art, Most Original Game, Students' Choice Award)

Animal Avengers

Download Animal Avenger

Developed by: Nikki Benecke, Mike Kissinger, and Rob Shaw

What starts as a simple quest to save your family's farm soon becomes a full-blown adventure geared towards evening the score between animals and the humans who enslave them. Relying mainly on your ability to kick, hug, and talk, you will shut down slaughterhouses, empty out factory farms, and perform many more humane tasks. As you struggle against the modern meat industry, you will also use the unique talents of the animals you befriend. With their help and your skills, you will make your world a better place.

(Winner of Best Visual Art, Project Pitch Panel Award)

Apostle's Requiem

Download Apostle's Requiem

Developed by: Paul Freitas and Aaron Shea

Gauge's ordinary life is shattered by his sister's sudden disappearance. His quest to rescue her brings him to far away nations, where he uncovers an underworld of dark magic and secret societies. Throughout his journey, the choices he makes will change the future of the entire the world. Will Gauge be able to find his sister? What sinister plots will Gauge uncover through his journey? And will he have a home to return to in the end?

(Winner of Best Visual Art, Students' Choice Award)

Operation: Triple S

Download Operation: Triple S

Developed by: Andrew Bangs, Chris St. Pierre, and Chris Hammers

Operation: Triple S is a Contra-like side-scrolling shooter set in 2042. In many parts of the world, there are numerous agents who police borders and watch over national secrets for their entire lives. Intelligence is received, elite squadrons of agents are dispatched, and all is well. This, however, will be Agent Belzer's last mission, as he plans to retire immediately afterwards. Why is it that it's always the last days at work that are the hardest?

(Honorable mention for Best Gameplay, Students' Choice Award)



Developed by: Garon Clements, Nathan Krach, and Karl Tata

A long, long time ago (much, much more than just yesterday, or last week), way off in a land that could very well be your backyard (specifically the land of prehistoric, post-apocalyptic Argentina for you South Americans), there roamed the proud (and slightly dysfunctional) velociraptor-tribe known only as the Dinoreaver Clan. In Dinoreaver: The Chompination it will be your place to quest after the most delectable morsels (consume the flesh of the fallen) to stay alive (gain power-ups and become the baddest carnivore there ever was).

(Winner of Best Gameplay, Best Audio Art, Project Pitch Panel Award)