The Game Development Process - The Games

A-term 2006

Starcraft Wraith

Download Starcraft Wraith

Developed by: Josh Doyle, Peter King, and Kirk Lanciani

For the first time ever, blast your way through the world of Starcraft in your own Wraith starfighter. Dodge deadly Scourge, use multiple weapons, and fight through hordes of other well-known Starcraft units in this action packed scrolling shooter.

(Runner Up for Best Original Art, Students' Choice Award)

1337 Commander

Download 1337 Commander

Developed by: Richard Duval, Alexander Muir, and Jared Razee

This game is a top-down shooter in which Flying Syphilis Zombies (FSZ) and Ninjas battle for supremacy of the universe.

(Winner of Most Original Game, Students' Choice Award)
(Winner of Best Visual Art, Project Pitch Panel Award)

Super Sonic World: Combat Evolved

Download Super Sonic World: Combat Evolved

Developed by: Greg Barret, Richard Pavis, and Alex Schwartz

The object of the game is to jump on your opponents head while not allowing them to jump on your own. Each character has their own set of keys to control their character. Each player has infinite ammo, but there is approximately a 5 second reload time. Additionally, players may pick up the mushroom powerup to decrease thier reload time dramatically, although temporarily.

(Honorable mention for Best Gameplay, Best Programming, Project Pitch Panel Award)

Fallout Open

Download Fallout Open

Developed by: Bert Leduc, Chris Nolan, and James Thompson

Fallout Open is a game about street racing in the future, where weapons are mounted on cars, leading to vicious racing. You start off as a young street racer, showing off against various opponents, including the powerful Panzer Pete! But then, suddenly, an evil madman, who does street races on the side, detonates a nuclear bomb in the city, and in order to get revenge, you must finish him, once and for all! As you progress through the game's 4 levels, you gain cash by which you can upgrade your car's weaponry, to better defeat your foes. Good Luck, Rookie!

(Runner Up for Best Gameplay, Students' Choice Award)

Flaming Burger!

Download Flaming Burger!

Developed by: Eric Kolodziejczak and Alex Laferriere

Intended for all audiences that enjoy the challenge of puzzles involving strategy, a story of heroic nature and mystery, and discovery of a unique environment that many have tried to explore but failed. Rated F for Fun.

(Honorable mention for Best Gameplay, Project Pitch Panel Award)

Megamax X 2006

Download Megaman X 2006

Developed by: Wadii Bellamine, Skyler Clark, and Nick Gagnon

Megaman X "2006" is a remake of the old Megaman X. The pace is a little faster, the control is tight, and in this version Megaman gains some new abilities. This prototype version has three levels. Megaman's control was translated nearly perfectly. The only real difference is that in this version he has a stronger gravity which is part of what creates a faster pace.

(Winner of Best Adaptation of Existing Game, Students' Choice Award)

Crystal Plains

Download Crystal Plains

Developed by: David Corliss, Tim Poliquin, and Yi Wang

Crystal Plains is a 2-D turn-based strategy game from I Found Gerber featuring the revolutionary Color-Based-Combat battle system, and an original story from David Corliss. The game is set in an isolated village besieged by a war not of its making. Hiding in the village is Johan Gerber hunted by the determined police Inspector Michael Cahal. It is when these stories merge that a mysterious phenomenon unveils itself. It is this phenomenon that is at the heart of Color-Based-Combat. Derived from checkers this combat is set on a grid, each player moving one piece per turn with the goal to eliminate the opponent. However, in order to destroy the opponent the player must attack using the shared color element, thus creating the need for careful strategy and planning.

(Winner of Most Original Game, Students' Choice Award)
(Winner of Best Gameplay, Best Audio Art, Project Pitch Panel Award)
(Honorable mention for Best Overall Game, Project Pitch Panel Award)

Passive Agressive Complex

Download Passive Aggressive Complex

Developed by: David Shaw and Jason Stasik

Passive Aggressibe Complex is a side-scrolling shooter that features two players versus each other. Players must battle through hordes of enemies while at the same time, dodging attacks from their opponent. This game is designed to be able to be played by anyone and learned quickly, while a human opponent will change the game every time. Both players have their own side of the screen and cannot cross over to the other's. When a player destroys an enemy, attacks will be sent to the other player's side of the field. In this way the two players can affect how difficult the other player's experience is, but can never directly combat each other. There are five unique characters to choose from, allowing players to find a character that suits their style of play.

Proxima Centauri

Download Proxima Centauri

Developed by: Ryan Bedell, Lawson Glidden, and Andrew Labrecque

(Winner of Best Technical Programming, Students' Choice Award)
(Runner Up for Best Overall Game, Students' Choice Award)

Syntax Error

Download Syntax Error

Developed by: Steven Callahan and Sarah Gilkey

Fight your way through castles and enemies with sword and spell as Syntaxerror to get to the Evil Lord who has kidnapped your love. Customize your players stats from the start to create a Syntaxerror suited to your style of play. Engage in fighting your foes with swords in melee combat or choose to fight them with spells instead. Eight different element types to cast at your enemy and a healing spell to aid yourself when you are weak are at your control. Potions throughout the levels can replenish your health or your mana when you decide to use them. Face the challenges ahead in this side scrolling action/platform game with easy control and amazing graphics to defeat evil and reclaim your love.

Wrath of Abraxis

Download Wrath of Abraxis

Developed by: Tamlyn Miller, Pat Obrian, and Chris "Goober" Ramsley

Wrath of Abraxis is an action roleplaying game, in the style of the early Zelda series. The player takes on the role of Faxon, a hero in a medieval fantasy world on a quest to regain his magic and defeat the evil Abraxis. He must travel though four dungeons, completing puzzles, finding items, battling monsters, and defeating bosses, until he finally reaches Abraxis, the evil overlord that took Faxon's power away from him.

(Runner Up for Best Music, Students' Choice Award)
(Winner of Best Audio Art, Project Pitch Panel Award)

Super Spelunker

Download Super Spelunker

Developed by: Gregory Bonini, Joshua Diamond and Stefan Giusti

This game is about a miner who tries to make a fortune off gold and gems in a recently discovered vein in the desert.


Download Creaturoids

Developed by: Michelle Clifford, Rick Desilets, and Christopher Donnelly

Creaturoids is a game where childhood meets adulthood. The main character explores her home town, discovers a horde of bad guys, and trys to escape. While doing this she collects other creaturoids, as she is a fond collector of them. Battles are fast paced, and dificult while remaining highly simple. Can you survive?


Download Empire

Developed by: Daisuke Abe, Brian Hettrick, and Pat McAnneny

Be a fighter, wizard or ninja and fight your way through monsters to reach your wife, who has been captured by the evil empire!

(Winner of Best Gameplay, Best Visual Art Selection, Best Sound Effects, Best Overall Game, Students' Choice Award)

Gorillas 2: Go Bananas

Download Gorillas 2: Go Bananas

Developed by: Eric Magnuson and Evan May

Claim your dominion over all the cities by being the last gorilla standing and defend your territory.


Download Cascade

Developed by: Matthew Caulkins, Ella Coffren, and Matthew Fabian

An unknown force has been wrecking havoc throughout space. Scattering planets and the universe with toxic gas and robotic Vikings, the unknown evil mastermind has been detected by the Chinese government's satellites. Ninka Norwana is an extremely skilled Chinese Ninja sent into space by the Chinese. His mission is to destroy all Viking robots and neutralize the toxic gas slowly killing and destroying the entire universe. Players take the role as Ninka and fly in his spaceship through the dangerous outer reaches of space. Ninka is looking to reach the evil mastermind before everything, including him, is destroyed into oblivion.

Key of Conflict

Download Key of Conflict

Developed by: Joe Alea and Steve Washington

Key of Conflict is a 2-dimensional platform game where the character can traverse through many different levels in order to save your sister Penny from the evil sorceress Noleta. Only the starting town level (which includes two cut scenes), a level selection screen, and seven of the ten levels were able to be completed. For the prototype, the levels available are Tall Mountain, Deep Ocean, Murky Mire, Dry Desert, Crazy Garden, Chilly Lake and Windy Clouds. Others remain unfinished.


Download Gilgamesh

Developed by: Murat Kabas and Dwight Santimore

Journey on a Quest to collect all the Elemental Swords and help save the world.


Download Militia

Developed by: Garret Doe and Francis Williams

Militia is a RTS game with a unique resource and unit training system. The Revolutionary War is underway in many of the American colonies. Although your state, New Hampshire, is not yet at war, tensions are rising and the British are pushing more and more tyrannical policies upon the state. It has gone so far as to the British occupying and controlling many of New Hampshire.s main towns and villages. In Militia, you take the role of starting the resistance to push out the British by recruiting an able militia force to resist and fight British occupation. You strengthen this militia force by conducting raids on strongholds and supply convoys to steal supplies. It is up to you to end the British oppression of freedom in your land.

(Winner of Best Original Art, Students' Choice Award)
(Runner Up for Best Sound Effects, Best Technical Programming, Best Overall Game, Students' Choice Award)
(Winner of Best Programming, Project Pitch Panel Award)


Download Nax

Developed by: Colin Cowles, Ryan LaSante, and Braedan Purcell

A scrolling shooter where your color determines your hits and damage.

The Gift

Download The Gift

Developed by: William Barges, Francis Collins, and Nicholas Desimone

"THE GIFT" is an exciting top-down scrolling shooter that combines the best of all of the gaming genres. It combines various aspects from role-playing, arcade, and action-adventure gaming. Join Vincent on his adventure through the rough terrain of the Great Midwest north into the frozen tundra and enormous mountains almost a millennium later than now. Vincent is in pursuit of a gift, "THE GIFT", and must obtain it before the dreaded Killion alien-combatant race does and enslaves the entire human race with their superior technology.

Terra Shape

Download Terra Shape

Developed by: Julia Berg, Carmen Grindrod and Karin Bryant Nova

In the future, the human race outgrew Earth and went out to colonize another planet. When the humans arrived, they discovered the planet was already inhabited by an alien race. After an initial conflict, the aliens withdrew, affording the humans a chance to fortify their position and build shields around the planet. Before the humans could complete the shields, the aliens returned to reclaim their home planet. The player can choose to play on the side of the humans or the aliens. When playing the human, your goal is to assemble all the pieces to protect the planet from further alien attacks. When playing the alien, you must destroy the pieces of the shield to enable the aliens to retake their home.

(Winner of Best Overall Game, Best Visual Art, Project Pitch Panel Award)
(Honorable mention for Best Gameplay, Project Pitch Panel Award)

The Draconian Order

Download The Draconian Order

Developed by: Joshua Luther, Matthew Parker, and Derek Roberge

A top down scrolling shooter set in a fantasy environment with RPG elements.

The Adventures of Cael

Download The Adventures of Cael

Developed by: John Gannon and James Knowles

Using the arrows to move, travel through the levels and obtain the money sack. But watch out for the hot coals!

Cordovian Backlash

Download Cordovian Backlash

Developed by: Aaron Breton

Take to the skies of the moon is this vertical scroller. Hordes of enemies will fly at you, and it is up to you to avoid enemy fire as well as retaliate with some firepower of your own. Can you get the high score?

Cynic City

Download Cynic City

Developed by: Sam Bailey, Kevin Nolan, and Zachary Strowe

Cynic City is a game based on world stuck in the past. Mob bosses overthrew the American government in the 1930s, and now these bosses rule their respective cities. You are Jonathan .Gloves. MacGuffin, a thief so named from his unusual eyes. Cynic City is not a serious game, and likes to mock itself as often as possible. Gather priceless artifacts and increase your personal wealth through filching the possessions of these crime lords!

(Honorable mention for Best Gameplay, Project Pitch Panel Award)

Enter Ninja

Download Enter Ninja

Developed by: Matt Fugere and Chris Serafin

A stealth adventure with massively intricate levels.

Solar Wind

Download Solar Wind

Developed by: Christopher Gamache, Chris Ivory, and Joseph Strong

Solar wind is an analog scrolling shooter. And stuff.

Sin of the Gemini

Download Sin of the Gemini

Developed by: Allonte Barakat, Steve Foley and Nicole Tran


Identity Theft

Download Identity Theft

Developed by: Ben Garfield, Felix Nwaobasi and Alex Wack