Department of Computer Science
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Course Title: Special Topics in 3D User Interaction
Course Number: CS-525U
Semester Spring 2007

Description: This course focuses on the design and evaluation of three-dimensional (3D) user interfaces, devices, and interaction techniques. Many current application domains require users to manipulate data in 3D, or to perform other tasks within 3D spaces, such as in gaming or virtual environments. However, accomplishing these tasks effectively and efficiently using traditional devices and techniques can be suboptimal. Through a combination of traditional lecture, literature review, and hands-on work, students will learn to critically evaluate different alternatives, build prototype systems, and design comparative evaluations to test the effectiveness of various techniques. Students will be expected to implement several techniques as part of this course. (Prerequisites: a graduate or undergraduate course in computer graphics or HCI).

Meeting Info: Mon. & Fri. 3:30-4:50pm,
Higgins Labs (HL), Room 114

Instructor: Prof. Robert W. Lindeman
E-Mail: gogo at
Telephone: x6712

Textbooks: 3D User Interfaces: Theory and Practice, Bowman, Kruijff, LaViola, Poupyrev, 2005, Addison Wesley, ISBN: 0-201-75867-9

Papers: Here is a link to the papers we will be reading for this course.


Questions and discussion are highly encouraged throughout the class meetings. It is hoped that the work done in this course will lead to the design of novel and interesting approaches to 3D user interfaces, the development of studies, and eventally submissions of results to appropriate venues.

Course Schedule:

Week Dates Class Topics Readings
1 01/15-01/19 Introduction to 3D User Interfaces; History Ch. 1 & 2
2 01/22-01/26 Roadmap to 3D UI Design; Outpt Devices Ch. 3
3 01/29-02/02 Output Devices; Input Devices Ch. 3 & 4
4 02/05-02/09 Input Devices; Intro to Interaction Techniques Ch. 4
5 02/12-02/16 Selection Ch. 5
6 02/19-02/23 Manipulation Ch. 5
7 02/26-03/02 Travel Ch. 6
8 03/05-03/09 Travel & Wayfinding Ch. 6 & 7
9 03/12-03/16 Wayfinding Ch. 7
10 03/19-03/23 System Control Ch. 8
11 03/26-03/30 Symbolic Input Ch. 9
12 04/02-04/06 Interface Design Strategies Ch. 10
13 04/09-04/13 Evaluation Design, Statistics Ch. 11
14 04/16-04/20 Open Topic
15 04/23-04/27 Open Topic

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