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Fernando C. Colon Osorio


(Journal and Conference papers)


1.       “Engineering Intelligent Systems: Concepts, Theory, and Applications”, with R.M. Glorioso, Digital Press, July 1980, Bedford, Massachusetts. Graduate Textbook in the field of artificial intelligence


Technical Reports

1.      “I/O Task Force Report – A look at Alpha Generation I/O Subsystems”. with Barry Rubinson, Roger Wolfe, Jeff East, Dieter Gawlick, Stan Amway, David Thiel, Dileep Bhandarkar, Bob Willard, Catherine Van Ingen, Bob Bean, Richie Lary, Martin Czekalski, Charlie Cassidy, and Richard Sites, Internal Report prepared for the Office of the President, July 1990.

2.       “Strategies for Improving VAXCluster Performance”, by Fernando C. Colon Osorio 1988 Annual report, System Performance Group, HPS systems Research and Engineering pp.

1-1 to 1-20.

3.       “Characterizing Computer Performance with Axioms”, with Nii N. Quaynor, Xi-Ren Cao, and Dale Park, 1988 Annual Report, System Performance Group, HPS Systems Research and Engineering pp. 5-2 to 5-18.

4.       “Final Report on the Vax Architecture Extensions Task Force, Fernando C. Colon Osorio, chair, with Doug Clark, DEC Internal Report, July 1986.

5.       “Vax Architectural Extensions – VAX Vectors”, final report, Fernando C.  Colon Osorio. Chair with Dileep Bhandarkar, and Rich Grove, DEC Internal Report, April 1986.

6.       “The Virtual Memory and Cache Unit of the Vax 8600”, with William Bruckert, and Nii N. Quaynor, DEC Internal Report, October 1984.     

7.       “Evaluation of Stochastic Automata Models as Task Schedulers in Multiple Processor Systems”, by Fernando C. Colon Osorio, DEC Technical Reports, TR-78-32, July 1978.

Archival Journal:

1.       “CI Bus Arbitration Performance in a VAXCluster system”, with Xi-Ren Cao, and Nii N. Quaynor, Digital Technical Journal, Number 5, September 1987.


2.       “The VAX 8600 I Box, A Pipeline Implementation of the Vax Architecture”, with Mario Troiani, S. Stephen Ching, Nii Quaynor, and John Bloem, Digital Technical Journal, Number 1, August 1985.

Refereed Conferences:

1.       “Code Optimization for the Vax 8600”, with S. Stephen Ching, et.al. 19th Hawaiian Conference on Systems Science, January 1986.


2.        “A High End Vax – A Pipeline Implementation of the VAX Architecture”, with R.M. Glorioso, Trigve Fossum, et.al., Proceedings of the 17th Annual Microprogramming Workshop, New Orleans, Louisiana, October 30 – November 2, 1984, pp. 258.

3.        “Software Validation of a Complex Microarchitecture”, by Fernando C. Colon Osorio, et.al., Proceedings of the 17th annual Microprogramming Workshop, New Orleans, Louisiana, October 30 – November 2, 1984, pp. 261.

4.        “Tradeoffs in the Design of a System For High Level Interpretation”, IEEE International Conference on Computer Design: VLSI Computers, ICCD ’83, October 3 – November 3, 1983.

5.        “RISC and CISC – Two Different Perspectives to An Identical Problem”, Spring Computer Conference, COMPCOM ’83, February 1983.

6.        “Analysis of a Multiple Processor System: A Case Study of DFMP”, with R.M. Glorioso and D.W. Li, Digest of Papers, September, 1976, COMPCON, Washington, D.C., IEEE Catalog Number 76CH1115-5C.

7.        “Coupling Small Computers For Performance Enhancement”, with R.M. Glorioso and Walter H. Kohler, Fifth Annual Conference on Modeling and Simulation, Volume 5, Number 2, pp. 819-824, April, 1974.

8.        “A Unified Approach to Multiclass Classification and Clustering Problems”, with R.M. Glorioso, Proceedings of the IEEE 1973 International Conference on Cybernetics and society.


 Invited Papers:


1.       “eCommerce Generations – A discontinuity Approach”, Acunet Technical Report, TR-002 December 1998.


2.       “Develop a Low Cost E-Commerce Platform”, ICE 99, E-Commerce Business Conference, March 23-25, 1999.


3.       “eCommerce Generations – A Qualitative Approach”, University of California, Technical Seminar Series, February 1999.


4.       “AcushopTM – Killer Strategies for the E-Business World”, PCEXPO, June 21, 1999.

5.       “Incorporating Competitive Intelligence into Your Company’s Decision  Making Processes”, Keynote Presentation and Manuscript, International Conference on Competitive Intelligence, San Jose, California, January 2000.

6.       “the World Wide Web – Best Practices”, Keynote Presentation and Manuscript, III Congreso Internacional de Profesionales en Informatica y Computacion, San Jose, Costa Rica, May 2000.