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Fernando C. Colon Osorio, Ph.D.

September 2002

Associate Research Professor

Department of Computer Science Phone: (508) 831-5358
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Fax: (508) 831-5776
Worcester, MA 01609 e-mail: fcco@cs.wpi.edu
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Education and Professional Experience


Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering. 1977 University of Massachusetts, Amherst

MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering. 1973 University of Massachusetts, Amherst

BS in Electrical Engineering. 1970 Universidad de Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus. 



President & CEO,                                                                           1998 - 2001



Founder, President & CEO of Acunet.net, Inc. Acunet, until its sale this year, was a provider of eBusiness and  eCommerce products and solutions World Wide.  Dr. Colon Osorio was instrumental in the design and development of AcushopTM, a 4th generation eCommerce platform capable of executing business-to-business, business-to-consumer, auctioning, and Customer Relationship functions at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.

AcushopTM three-tier distributed architecture supports full distributed processing of transaction while guaranteeing transaction integrity under failure conditions


President & CEO,                                                                           1993 - 1998

the Acumen Consulting Group

Founder, President & CEO of the Acumen Consulting Group, Inc.  Dr. Colon Osorio

Started the company and grew its business to an annual run rate of $ 6 M.  The primary focus of the Acumen Consulting Group, Inc. while Dr. Colon Osorio was at the helm was the use of Information technology to re-structure the business processes of client corporation, and help them achieve dominance in their respective industry. Successful client engagements included ATT, Bankers Trust, the Monitor Group, and Chemical Leaman Corporation.



Senior Executive Vice President,                                                      1992

Kendall Square Research

Responsible for the development of the KSR-2 and KSR-3 systems.  Included the management of a multi-disciplinary engineering organization, as well as ongoing support of the KSR-1.

Corporate Consulting Engineer and                                                1988 - 1992

Senior Group Manager

Information Systems Business Unit, Digital Equipment Corporation

As one of 15 Corporate Consulting Engineer, served as member of the Strategic Task Force (STF).  In this capacity, we were responsible for setting both the product and technology direction for the corporation. This included making recommendations to the office of the President on core physical technologies such as semiconductors & heads/media, system technologies such as Operating Systems and Networks, as well as System & Applications Software strategies. Specifically, a five-year technology and product development strategy will be developed and updated annually. Based on such strategy all corporate wide Research & Development, Product Development, as well as International Engineering developments efforts will be analyzed, and a Corporate Wide investment recommendation together with an operational plan and budget committed. This plan will be presented to the Office of the president and Digitalís Executive Committee for approval. In this context, this group as a whole was responsible for recommending the total annual engineering budget, and had final say on all DEC engineering product decisions.


As Senior Group Manager, I was responsible for the High Availability and Fault Tolerant Business Unit.  In this capacity, I had total Research & Development, Product Development, Manufacturing, as well as P&L responsibility for the VAXCluster Systems Business Unit.  Specific accomplishments were:

1.   Launched two new businesses for Digital Equipment Corporation. These were the VIS (VAXCluster Integration Services), which within one year had revenue growth from $0 to $18 M, and the Fault Tolerant Business with revenue growth from $ 2M in FY'90 to a run rate of $ 93 M in FY'93.

2.   Responsible for worldwide Marketing of High Availability systems for Digital Equipment Corporation. Amongst the most successful campaigns, launched the "Beat Murphy's Law" marketing campaign while at the same time developing distribution channels worldwide in Europe (ALENIA), JAPAN (DEC Japan), South America (SONDA), and Africa (NCS).

3.   Developed and introduced to manufacturing a multiplicity of software and hardware, as well as systems products. Among the most important: DEC's Fault Tolerant Product line both OSF/1 based as well as VMS, Disaster Tolerant FDDI VAXClusters, a series of high speed network interconnect products including the CIXCD, as well as a large set of software distributed tools for performance and capacity planning in large VAXCluster configuration.

      Total P&L responsibility for a $ 1.3B business with an expense budget of $60M.

Senior Consulting Engineer and                                                            1985 -1988

Senior Engineering Manager

High Performance Systems, Digital Equipment Corporation


Led the development and market introduction of the VAX 8600, a 1.5X performance improvement over the VAX 8600.  Technical Director and Advanced Development Manager for the High Performance Systems/Information Business Unit. Responsible for technical strategy for Digital's High End Systems, VAXCluster Systems, and Digital's Transaction Processing Performance Modeling and Evaluation Tools.


Consulting Engineer and                                                                        1982 - 1985

Senior Engineering Manager

High Performance Systems, Digital Equipment Corporation


One of the principal architects and project leader of the VAX 8600.  The VAX 8600 product generated $ 2.189B in revenues for FY'86 and FY'87, and profits in excess of $250M. Managed the VAX 8600 design validation, product debug, and introduction to manufacturing. Introduced software simulation models, and novel design verification techniques (such as I/O transactors) to reduce time to market.




Consulting Engineer , Engineering Manager                                             1976 - 1982

Semiconductor Group,

Corporate Research Group, and

PDP-11 Group, Digital Equipment Corporation


From 1976 through 1982, as a Consulting Engineer and/or Engineering Manager, led the development of multiple engineering and research projects.  These include: a 1.0u single chip VAX., code named MicroSystems; Research & Development of several multiprocessor software and hardware development projects based on LSI-11 technology; and the design and implementation of several PDP-11 processors.




B A C K G R O U N D  &  E D U C A T I O N

Dr. Colon Osorio was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1949 where he completed his secondary education. In 1970, Dr. Colon Osorio completed his Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus. Dr. Colon Osorio completed his Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1973 and 1976 respectively.





A C A D E M I A  &  P U B L I C  S E C T O R

Aside from his extensive industrial experience, Dr. Colon Osorio has been involved through the years with both academia and the public sector.  Specifically, Dr. Colon Osorio held an Associate Professorship appointment at the University of Connecticut, was Associate Editor of the IEEE Transaction on Computers from 1978 to 1982, published numerous articles in the computer field and a textbook on artificial intelligence entitled "Engineering Intelligent Systems".  In the public sector, Dr. Colon Osorio has been a member of the Council for Economic Advisors on Technology to the Governor of Puerto Rico, and has been chairperson or board member of several public corporations.