WPI Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Computer Science Department

CS548 Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining 
Showcase Presentation Schedule - Fall 2016


WARNING: Changes to this schedule may be made during the course of the semester. 

See below:


  1. Sign up for a showcase topic of your interest by selecting ONE (and only one) option using the doodle registration site. There will be 4 students assigned to each showcase. However, signing up for a showcase is individual (you don't need to find a group first; groups will be formed as students sign up using the doodle).

  2. Work together with the group of students assigned to the same topic to identify a real-world application of the data mining topic you are assigned to.

  3. Discuss your chosen data mining application with the professor at least 2 weeks in advance to the presentation. You need to get the professor's approval of your selected application before you start preparing your presentation.

  4. The team should investigate the application in depth and prepare and deliver a 10 minute in-class presentation describing this application in as much detail as possible, focusing on its data mining aspects.

  5. Your presentation should contain the following sections:

  6. Email the following materials to the professor at least 48 hours in advance to your class presentation.

  7. Rehearse your oral presentation to make sure it is polished, transitions between speakers work well, and the full presentation stays within the time allowed (10 minutes).