CS4432. Database Systems II
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Instructions on Teamwork

    1- Homeworks will be done individually
    2- Projects will be done in teams of two.

Grading Policy

The course will have 4 Homeworks, 2 projects (in Java), and 3 Quizzes. That is in addition to one midterm and final exams.

Items Percentage
Final Exam
Homework and project assignment descriptions will be available from the course web site. Students are expected to view/download the assignments. Failing to check the course web site is not an acceptable excuse for late submission, or missing exams. For projects, you must be able to submit your source code.

Late Submission Policy

    1- One-day late submission is accepted with 15% off the max grade.
    2- Beyond that, no late submission is accepted.
    ** This policy may slightly change for some HWs in the case the instructor needs to post the solution early.e.g., before an exam.

Link (pdf)
Post Date
Due Date
Special Instructions
Homework 1
03/28/2014 (11:59PM)
Storage, Disk, Layouts
Homework 2
04/06/2014 (11:59PM)
Homework 3
04/21/2014 (11:59PM)
Query Processing/Optimization
Homework 4
05/01/2014 (11:59PM)
Concurrency & Recovery Control

The projects will use a small prototype DBMSs called SimpleDB [Here]. It is very critical to download it early, have it running, and start getting yourself familiar with its code. Both projects will as you to extend the SimpleDB system with some additional functionalities. Thus, installing the system, having the environment ready for your extensions, and getting familiar it is a big step. A paper giving a good idea about the systems can be found here [paper].

                                                                                                                                              Project Teams [Here]
Project Phases
Link (pdf)
Post Date
Due Date
Special Instructions
Project 1
Project 1
04/10/2014 (11:59PM)
Buffer Manager
Project 2
Project 2
05/01/2014 (11:59PM)
Indexing and Query Processing

Discussion Board
Please use the discussion board available at blackboard.wpi.edu.

Academic Honesty Policy

Unless explicitly noted, all work is to be done on an individual basis. You are encouraged to discuss with others about ideas and material in the course, in preparing for exams, in understanding homework problems, project statements etc. However, all homework solutions, exams are to be written individually, and the solutions should be your own. Projects requiring teamwork, you are required to solve the problem with your partner/(s), and not with other teams.

Any violation of the WPI's guidelines for academic honesty will result in no credit for the course and referral to the Student Affairs Office. More information on definitions, responsibilities and procedures regarding the WPI academic honesty policy can be found here.