CS1102 (A12): Accelerated Introduction to Program Design


Labs will be held on Wednesdays. You are responsible for all new material covered in the lab assignments (lab will largely reiterate course concepts, but may also introduce some new operators and some new data definitions -- these operators and data definitions may be referenced on exams and assignments).

The labs are a bit long in the hopes of providing enough exercises for everyone. Work through the lab as far as you can. The lab handouts have markers on them indicating how far you should be able to get if you are following the course material. If you don't get to the first marker, you need to come to office hours for extra help. Any new lab material that you are responsible for will appear before the first marker.

Lab participation counts for 5% of your course grade. Participation means showing up and staying for lab and working on the lab assignment (not your homework, email, etc). At the end of the lab, submit your work via turnin (under assignment name Lab1, Lab2, etc). You do not need to work on the lab beyond your lab time in order to get credit for lab.

Lab Times

Weds 1-1:50pm (Sec A01)
Weds 2-2:50pm (Sec A02)
Weds 3-3:50pm (Sec A03)

Lab Location: Kaven Hall 203

Contact the leader for your lab with any administrative issues, such as lab credit not showing up in the gradebook.

Lab Exercises

We will post the lab assignments linked below just before each lab.