CS1102 (A12): Accelerated Introduction to Program Design


We will use Version 5.3 of the Racket language for all coding projects in the course. You must use Racket, Version 5.0 or higher. No other implementation provides the libraries that we will use in this course.

You can program in Racket with your favorite editor, or (recommended) you can use the DrRacket integrated development environment, which sits on top of the 'racket' command-line program and provides several nice features, such as source correlation of errors---you will, however, need to use DrRacket for those assignments that involve images. Both DrRacket and racket are installed on all public computers maintained by WPI. Alternatively, you can download both together (for free) to your own computer (Unix, PC, Mac all supported, with source files portable between them).

Note that we will be starting the course in the Beginning Student language level of How to Design Programs (see Language menu in tool bar). During the seven weeks of the course, you will progress to the Advanced Student level (and beyond!). However, do not use a language level higher than we are using in class or that is specified for a particular assignment or lab.