CS 1101 (A05): Labs

Labs will be held on Wednesdays. We will post links to the lab assignments on this page just before each lab. You are responsible for all new material covered in the lab assignments (lab will largely reiterate course concepts, but will also introduce some new operators and some new data definitions -- these operators and data definitions may be covered on exams and assignments).

The labs are a bit long in the hopes of providing enough exercises for everyone. Work through the lab as far as you can. The lab handouts have markers on them indicating how far you should be able to get if you are following the course material. If you don't get through the basic material, you need to come to office hours for extra help.

Any new lab material that you are responsible for will be early enough in the lab assignment that everyone should get to it (reading the lab assignment should make it clear when new concepts are being introduced).

Lab participation will also count for 5% of your final grade. Participation means showing up (signing in) and staying for lab and working on the lab assignment (not your homework, email, etc). You will also submit your lab work electronically (using turnin) but we will not grade your labs. It's your responsibility to ask for help if you are having trouble.

If you have problems using turnin, consult with your lab leader about alternate methods of submission. The leaders of each lab are marked on the schedule.

NEW: One goal of CS 1101 is to help students see how computer science serves as a tool for solving problems in other disciplines. To this end, each lab (after the first one) has two sets of exercises, one of which applies computer science to problems from biology (thanks to Natasha Lloyd for developing these exercises). We welcome feedback on these exercises and how we could better help you see connections between computing and other disciplines.

If your lab attendance doesn't appear in myWPI a day or two after lab, contact your lab leader. The leaders of each lab are marked on the schedule.

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