WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

Computer Science Department

Java Jitters - The Effects of Java on Jitter in a Video Stream

Jonathan Tanner

Advisor: Professor Mark Claypool

M.S. Thesis
Computer Science Department, WPI
May 1999

In Progress


Multimedia is a standard component in many of today's computer systems and Java is becoming a popular language in which to build multimedia applications. However, the performance of multimedia applications with Java is not well defined. In particular, the causes of multimedia jitter and its effects on a user's perceptual quality have not been well researched. In addition, Java applications may use several different runtime systems, from native code execution to interpretation. The effects of these different Java runtime environments on multimedia application performance are unclear. In this thesis, we will measure the effects of video jitter on user perception. In addition, we will run experiments to measure the effects of several Java runtime environments on the performance of a video server. By combining the results from both sets of experiments, we can recommend video server configurations that satisfy user requirements.

Perceptual Quality Experiment

Related Publications

Mark Claypool and Jonathan Tanner, The Effects of Jitter on the Perceptual Quality of Video, ACM Multimedia Conference, Volume 2, Orlando, FL, October 30 - November 5, 1999.

Mark Claypool and Jonathan Tanner, Java Jitters - The Effects of Java on Jitter in a Continuous Media Stream, IEEE Multimedia Technology and Applications (MTAC), Anaheim, CA, September 1998.