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I've always enjoyed making games (both board and computer). I developed a top-down shooter computer game named Arena. Hopefully, people enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it!

[Rink]I built an ice rink in my backyard for some winter fun. It was a lot of work to setup and maintain, but is worth it if you enjoy winter skating.

[Dog House]We (my kids and I) built a dog house for our Golden Retriever, Brandi. It was a fun, family project.

[Go Cart]We also built a go cart for zipping down hills in the summertime. It goes fast, but needs brakes. ;-)

[Yarn Shelves]I crafted some yarn shelves for my wife to hold yarn skeins for her knitting projects. Perhaps it will be an inspiration for someone looking for a similar solution.

[India Flag] My impressions after my first trip to India.

[Japan Flag] My impressions after my first trip to Japan.

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City of Worcester: information, weather, map.

New in Boston? Having trouble understanding where all the r's went? Try the Wicked Good Guide to Boston English.

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