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[Lightboard] To help with remote teaching, I built a lightboard and figured out how to configure software so as to overlay Powerpoint slides while using Zoom. See my Live Lightboard Lectures page.

I've always enjoyed making games (both board and computer). I developed a top-down shooter computer game named Arena. Hopefully, people enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it!

[Rink]I built an ice rink in my backyard for some winter fun. It was a lot of work to setup and maintain, but is worth it if you enjoy winter skating.

[Dog House]We (my kids and I) built a dog house for our Golden Retriever, Brandi. It was a fun, family project.

[Go Cart]We also built a go cart for zipping down hills in the summertime. It goes fast, but needs brakes. ;-)

[Yarn Shelves]I crafted some yarn shelves for my wife to hold yarn skeins for her knitting projects. Perhaps it will be an inspiration for someone looking for a similar solution.

[India Flag] My impressions after my first trip to India.

[Japan Flag] My impressions after my first trip to Japan.

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City of Worcester: information, weather, map.

New in Boston? Having trouble understanding where all the r's went? Try the Wicked Good Guide to Boston English.

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