Technical Game Development II
IMGD 4000 - B Term 2012

Technical Milestone -- Monday, Nov. 12, 2012

  • Every group will do a short (4 minute) demo in class by visiting their game web page on the podium machine and clicking on a link.

  • Make sure you test this before class! If your demo does not work, you will get zero on this portion of your grade. This is a real-world check; if you have a meeting with your publisher or funder, you only get one shot.

  • You will be expected to demonstrate at least partial implementation of the following required technical elements:
    • basic physics (Rigid Body, Collider and Mesh Collider)
    • two force-based steering behaviors (see lecture)
    • basic A* pathfinding (see IMGD 3000 2011 and 2012 lectures)
    • hierarchical state machines (see lecture)
  • All of these will have been covered in lecture by Tuesday, Nov. 6.

  • Include a README.txt in your project describing the technical components for which you are claiming credit (include class names).

  • This milestone will contribute 10% to your final grade (same for all tech students on team, barring exceptional circumstances).