Computer Networks

CS4514 Computer Networks
Term B01

Textbook: Communications Networks by Leon-Garcia and Widjaja
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    Office Hours for B term
      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    Professor (FL135)          
    Bob Kinicki  10:00-11:00      1:00-2:00  
    TA/SA (CS ANNEX)          
    Ken French 1:30-2:30   10:00-11:00
    Huahui Wu   11:00-1:00     10:00-11:00
    Joe Chiarella 7:00-8:00     7:00-8:00  

    Old Exams

    Mid Term Exams C01 (pdf) B00 (pdf) B01 Mid Term Review (pdf)
    Final Exams C01 (pdf) B00 (pdf) B01 Final Review (pdf)

    Homework Problems

    Homework 1 (pdf)

    Help Session Slides

    Help Session 1 pdf ppt
    Help Session 2 pdf ppt
    Help Session 3 pdf ppt

    Course Lecture Slides

    Introduction pdf ppt
    Network Switching pdf ppt
    End to End Delay Problem pdf ppt
    HTTP and DNS Examples pdf ppt
    OSI Reference Model pdf ppt
    TCP Sockets pdf ppt
    Physical Layer pdf ppt
    Data Encoding pdf ppt
    Transmission Media pdf ppt
    Transmission Errors pdf ppt
    Bit and Byte Stuffing pdf ppt
    Data Link Layer pdf ppt
    Local Area Networks pdf ppt
    Ethernet pdf ppt
    Bridges pdf ppt
    Token Ring and FDDI pdf ppt
    Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet pdf ppt
    SONET pdf ppt
    ATM pdf ppt
    Network Layer pdf ppt

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