updated 20-Mar-2018

Below is a list of current positions we’re looking to fill.

If you’re interested in a position, send me an application email. It’s a good idea to include your resume, website, GitHub, and any other information I’ll need to determine whether you’re a good fit for the project.

mqp, abc(d) terms ‘18-‘19 | sight.js google analytics for interactive data visualizations

These days, there are thousands of interactive visualizations on the web. But there is currently no way for people who create these visualizations to get feedback on how people actually use them.

This mqp will target different areas of a “stack” for building something like Google Analytics for interactive data visualizations. Projects may include interviews with visualization creators, high-throughput database creation, designs/mockups, implementation. Technologies may include R, ggplot2 (and other tidyverse libraries), js, d3js, and React.

17b: course web infrastructure (paid; short term) filled!

Behind every successful course is a solid infrastructure.

This short-term job entails setting up web infrastructure for upcoming Spring-term courses, including course websites, Slack, and other tools.


  • Extending previous course website setups, like cs4241-17a, to different courses
    • Developing and iterating on schedules
    • Designing better experiences for students
  • Establishing other elements of course infrastructure: Slack, Basecamp, etc
  • Evaluating and testing alternate infrastructures, like InstructAssist


  • A working knowledge of jekyll
    • (Note: you can pick jekyll up in a weekend. It’s basically a ruby program that converts markdown documents to HTML. But you must be able to demonstrate you know the basics for this job)
  • Proficiency in git + GitHub
    • i.e. you know how to commit individual files, and how to use .gitignore


  • We’re currently targeting an immediate start in December, and continuing until the start of C-term
  • There is a possibility to continue into C-term