updated Oct 29 2018

Below is a list of current positions we’re looking to fill.

If you’re interested in a position, send me an application email. It’s a good idea to include your resume, website, GitHub, and any other information I’ll need to determine whether you’re a good fit for the project.

full stack web development for visualization science, bcd terms ‘18-‘19 | NSF project on data literacy and visualization

People encounter data visualizations like bar graphs, pie charts, and scatterplots on a daily basis. But how well can different people read charts? As part of an NSF-funded project, we’re running experiments to find out.

This position will focus on the development and design of web-based data visualization experiments, like this one -> http://dev.codementum.org/literacy/.

Experience with web development, specifically JavaScript and node.js, is a required skill to be effective in this position. Experience with d3 and React are nice to have but not explicitly required, as we will allocate time in the project scope for learning.

mqp, abc(d) terms ‘18-‘19 | sight.js google analytics for interactive data visualizations filled!

These days, there are thousands of interactive visualizations on the web. But there is currently no way for people who create these visualizations to get feedback on how people actually use them.

This mqp will target different areas of a “stack” for building something like Google Analytics for interactive data visualizations. Projects may include interviews with visualization creators, high-throughput database creation, designs/mockups, implementation. Technologies may include R, ggplot2 (and other tidyverse libraries), js, d3js, and React.