updated 30-Nov-2017

Below is a list of current positions we’re looking to fill.

If you’re interested in a position, send me an application email. It’s a good idea to include your resume, website, GitHub, and any other information I’ll need to determine whether you’re a good fit for the project.

17b: course web infrastructure (paid; short term)

Behind every successful course is a solid infrastructure.

This short-term job entails setting up web infrastructure for upcoming Spring-term courses, including course websites, Slack, and other tools.


  • Extending previous course website setups, like cs4241-17a, to different courses
    • Developing and iterating on schedules
    • Designing better experiences for students
  • Establishing other elements of course infrastructure: Slack, Basecamp, etc
  • Evaluating and testing alternate infrastructures, like InstructAssist


  • A working knowledge of jekyll
    • (Note: you can pick jekyll up in a weekend. It’s basically a ruby program that converts markdown documents to HTML. But you must be able to demonstrate you know the basics for this job)
  • Proficiency in git + GitHub
    • i.e. you know how to commit individual files, and how to use .gitignore


  • We’re currently targeting an immediate start in December, and continuing until the start of C-term
  • There is a possibility to continue into C-term