Kathi Fisler's Extra Exercises for How to Design Programs

This page links to exercises that I've developed for How to Design Programs and the TeachScheme workshops. If you encounter any problems with the exercises or teachpacks, please let me know so I can correct them.

Additional exercises are also on the pages for my own HtDP-based courses (in the assignments and labs sections). CS 2135 and CS 1102 are accelerated-pace courses, the first 3 weeks of which use HtDP material. CS 1101 is WPI's introductory programming course (new in Fall 2004). Note that image teachpacks found on my course pages will NOT work for 208, so those pages are better sources for non-image exercises. (Converting the image exercises to v208 is on my long-term todo list, but won't happen in the short-term.)

My course pages:

Early exercise with Images: Making Fabric and Clothing [from 2004 Providence TS workshop]

Depends on functions, numbers, and images.

Exercise with Images: Making Ice Cream Cones

Depends on functions, numbers, and images. Can use cond. An advanced version also uses structs.

Graphing Grades [from 2004 Providence TS workshop]

Depends on lists of symbols and images.

Making Robot Movies [from 2004 Providence TS workshop]

This example is deprecated -- you can do similar exercises directly in world. Replace the run-movie part of the exercise (penultimate question) with world functions.

Depends on functions, numbers, symbols, images, and list of structs.

NOTE: Only works with DrScheme versions 208p1 and higher (not regular 208)

Managing microfinance requests (ala Kiva) [added 2007; last update Jan 20 2008]

Depends on list of structures

Co-designed with Glynis Hamel and Shriram Krishnamurthi.

NOTE: This teachpack needs to get updated whenever the Kiva site changes its html format. If you try this and get no data from the teachpack functions, let me know and I'll update it.

A flight landing simulator [added 2007]

Uses structures and nested structures; works with world.ss

A fire-fighting game [added 2007]

Uses list of structures; works with world.ss

Note: this one is written as a fairly open-ended exercise (the form in which I gave it to my college first-years).

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