Early Exercise with Images: Making Fabric and Clothing

© Kathi Fisler, 2004-2009

This exercise has students create images of fabrics, create clothing items from fabrics, and put logos onto clothing items. It is designed to give students practice composing functions.

Prerequisites: Numbers, Functions, Images, Defining Constants (Section 3.2)

The Exercises

The exercises file has some simpler exercises at the beginning to help students learn what is in the teachpack before asking them to start defining their own fabrics.

Current version (4.2.2 and later)

OLD version for 4.2.1

OLD versions for 370p1 through 4.1

OLD versions for v370

370 didn't allow images inside teachpacks. Patch 1 for 370 fixed this problem. If you are using plain 370, upgrade if possible. If you must use plain 370, use this version of the teachpack and give students the starter file containing the images.

OLD versions for v208

OLD versions for v207

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