Making Robot Movies

© Kathi Fisler, 2005

This exercise has students create images of robots and functions to generate images of robots moving around a scene. Teachpack functions allow students to animate sequences of robot images, resulting in a movie of the robot moving around a scene. It is designed to give students practice with lists of structs.

This example is deprecated -- you can do similar exercises directly in world. Replace the run-movie part of the exercise (penultimate question) with world functions.

Prerequisites: Numbers, Functions, Images, Symbols, Lists of Structs

Note to Teachers from Providence 2004 Workshop: the solutions to this differ slightly from what you wrote at the workshop due to changes in the image library between versions 207 and 208. The exercises remain the same. For documentation on the animation functions, look up the teachpack in the helpdesk.

Downloads for v208p1 and higher (won't run in 207 or plain 208)

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