Applied Computer-Aided Verification

COMP 408 (Spring 1997)

(Note: This course counts as an elective for the undergraduate major)

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General Information

Instructor: Kathi Fisler

Office: Duncan Hall 3093
Phone: x3834
Office Hours: W 11-12, by appointment, or whenever you find me in my office.

Prerequisites: COMP 280, COMP 314/382, and COMP 320 (or permission of instructor)

Course Requirements: Students will perform verification exercises using various tools. Each student will also give one or two presentations, do a course project, and write some short paper summaries. All assignments and policies regarding their submission will be made available on the course assignment page.

Meetings: In general, we will meet Wednesday afternoons from 2-4pm for lectures. We will, however, meet twice a week on occasion to cover necessary background material. In the schedule below, "(Lab)" denotes a second meeting for that week. Other second meetings not shown on the tentative schedule may be added as necessary.

Course Materials: There is no textbook for the course. Students will have to pay a small copying fee ($10-$15) for the papers and manuals that will be distributed.

Schedule of Topics (Tentative)

Week Of Topic
Jan 13 Introduction to Formal Methods
Review of Logic and Automata Theory
Introduction to Temporal Logic
(Lab) Introduction to Hardware Verification and SMV
Jan 20 Introduction to Protocol Verification
Jan 27 BDDs and Hardware Modeling
Feb 3 Combatting State Explosion
Feb 10 Theoretical Model Checking
Feb 17 Introduction to Theorem-Proving
(Lab) Introduction to PVS
Feb 24 Modeling Systems in PVS
Mar 3 Recess
Mar 10 Abstraction in Theorem Proving
Mar 17 The Theory of Theorem Proving I
Mar 24 The Theory of Theorem Proving II
Mar 31 Case Study: Applications of Theorem Proving
Apr 7 Case Study continued
Apr 14 Course Project Reports
Apr 21 Historical Perspective
What do they use in Industry?
Future Directions