Assignments and Policies, COMP 408 (Spring 1997)

Note: All assignments done for this course must be your own work. You may not colloborate with anyone (whether they are in the class or not) on assignments, though you are encouraged to consult with the instructor as you work on them.

Running software from the course account

Add /home/comp408/bin to your PATH on owlnet. All the software executables will be available from that directory.

Running SMV: I believe I have compiled SMV for each architecture available on owlnet (/home/comp408/bin/smv is a script that will determine the architecture of the machine you are using and run the appropriate binary). However, if you run into problems executing SMV on some owlnet machine, please send me mail telling me which machine and I'll compile a new binary. It definitely works on great-grey and ural. Also, I have left the SMV distribution in /home/comp408/SMV/smv.tar.gz. It's free software, so you are welcome to install it on your home machine if you so choose. However, be warned that as the assignments get more complex, you will need a lot of memory (64 MB minimum) to run the verifications.

Running PVS: Use the command runpvs from comp408/bin (I used this name since pvs is also the name of another utility on the system). This will start up an emacs session in no-windows mode in your current window.

PVS documentation


Documenting Assignments

Short Paper Summary Guidelines

Course Project Information