Writing Paper Summaries for COMP 408

Paper summaries should be one typewritten page in length. The summary should include the following information: Do not address these questions individually. Write a single, cohesive summary that covers each of these points. Make your summary as concise as possible.

Some general comments from the first set of summaries

In general, you should write your summary for someone literate in computer science, but who has never read the paper before. Give enough information for the reader to understand what the paper is proposing and to be able to evaluate whether this paper would be useful for him/her to read.

Doing this well may require you to "go beyond" the paper. If you don't understand some terms, look them up. If some detail is cited as coming from another paper and it looks important, go to the library and find the cited paper. Remember, you are presenting an overview of the technical content of the paper - you may need to read a little more than the paper itself to digest the content for yourself.

A couple of other comments:

Sample: Summary for Bryant's OBDD paper