CS 525V : Introduction to Computer-Aided Verification

Lecture Schedule and Reading Materials

1/15Intro to Verification;
Intro to SMV
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CTL notes  
1/22CTL Model Checking
  • Automatic Verification of Finite-State Concurrent Systems Using Temporal Logic Specifications. E.M. Clarke, E.A. Emerson, and A.P. Sistla. ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems, Vol 8, No 2, April 1986, pp 244-263. [in ACM Digital Library, avail through WPI]
Beth, Yakov 
1/29LTL Model Checking
  • Model Checking Using Automata Theory (by Doron Peled), sections 1-4,6.
Gleb, Paulauthor's site
2/5BDDs and Symbolic Model Checking
  1. An Introduction to Binary Decision Diagrams (by Andersen), sections 1 - 4.3, 4.7
  2. Automatic Verification of Sequential Circuit Designs (by Clarke, Burch, Grumberg, Long, and McMillan), sections 1-5
  1. Archie
  2. Venky, Sudeep
2/12Timing Diagrams and
Weak Automata
  1. Efficient Decision Procedures for Model Checking of Linear Time Logic Properties (by Bloem, Ravi, and Somenzi), sections 1, 2.1, and 3.
  2. On Tableau Constructions for Timing Diagrams (by Fisler)
  1. Dave, Amit
  2. Nikhil, Dev
2/19Predictable Component Assembly Packaging Predictable Assembly with Prediction Enabled Component Technologynone 
2/26Data Abstraction Model Checking and Abstraction (by Clarke, Grumberg, and Long)   
3/5Compositional Reasoning  questions
3/12Alloy 1 The Alloy Manual: PDF | PS  questions
3/19Alloy 2
  • COM Revisited: Tool Assisted Modelling and Analysis of Software Structures (by Jackson and Sullivan) [PDF | PS]
  • Automating First-Order Relational Logic (by Jackson) [PDF | PS ]
3/26Bandera 1  questions
4/2Bandera 2  questions
4/9no class   
4/16Project Presentations   
4/23Project Presentations   

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