Micha Hofri

Professor Emeritus of Computer Science

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Research: Main research interests:

(1) Analysis of algorithms, usually under probabilistic assumptions. Of special interest is the mathematics needed for this analysis. I have written a book on the subject, Analysis of Algorithms - Mathematical Methods, Computational Tools, published by Oxford University Press. Here you go for information about it (including an errata list).
I am especially interested in seeing how statistics and statistical inference can be used in the design and evaluation of algorithms.

In June 2018 a further book in a similar vein was published (#6 in part B of the publication list).

(2) the performance evaluation of computer systems, policies of operating systems -- as in scheduling and managing secondary storage (disk arrays), synchronization algorithms and protocols.

List of publications, unpublished reports & research materials:

  • List of publications - PS - PDF
  • On the Distribution of a Saddle Point Value in a Random Matrix January, 2006.
  • An Efficient Algorithm for the Approximate Median Selection Problem, S. Battiato, D. Cantone, D. Catalano, G. Cincotti and M. Hofri. Earlier versions were presented at the Fifth Seminar on the Analysis of Algorithms, June 1999, Barcelona Spain; and at 4th CIAC, March 2000.
  • The Coupon-Collector Problem Revisited --- a Survey of Engineering Problems and Computational Methods, A. Boneh, M.Hofri     This is a revised version of the paper published in Stochastic Models 13, #1 39--66 (1997).
  • Automation and Ethics. This is a chapter I contributed to the 2nd edition of the Handbook of Automation, published by Springer Verlag in June 2023. See at Handbook of Automation, 2nd Edition.
  • The following is a filter I wrote and used with gtroff, but it can be used elsewhere (the file contains the source code, followed by the manual, in postscript):
  • Sequential Numbering of Document Elements, M. Hofri
  • An eclectic compilation of formulas I found useful in the analysis of algorithms (last updated on January 25, 2019) is maintained in
              • Formulae Collection    M. Hofri
    Comments to the list will be appreciated and acknowledged!

              • Errata for the book, Analysis of Algorithms.


            Trust and faith are good and generous; doubt brings you education.

    Academic Year 2017-2018 --- this was my last full year of teaching

    I expect to continue occasional courses. The next:
    Spring Semester 2024:   C term:      CS3043: Social Implications of Information Processing.

    A recent publication based on my teaching this course: "Automation and Ethics." Chapter 34 in the SPRINGER HANDBOOK OF AUTOMATION, 2ndEd., June 2023.

    Woodworking: From Fall 2004 to Fall 2007 I was on the Board of Directors of the Worcester Center for Crafts, and I still want to advertise it as one of the gems of the city of Worcester, even though woodworking is not carried there any more. See about it in their web site.

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    Contact Information

    Office: Room 140 Fuller Lab.
    Telephone: (508)831.6911 --- When on the campus Fax: (508)831.5776
    Email: hofri AT wpi.edu
    Office hours: .  By appointment, best via email


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