Department of Computer Science
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Course Title: Special Topics: Augmented Reality
Course Number: CS 525A
Semester Fall 2013

Description: This course focuses on the design and evaluation of Augmented Reality (AR) systems, algorithms, and applications. With the proliferation of powerful, always-on, Internet-connected mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and newer head-worn displays, sophisticated applications that combine location-specific content with the current user view are becoming more possible. Application developers for these devices require a broad set of technical and design skills to create effective interactive AR experiences. Topics will include vision-based marker and feature tracking, model-to-view space transformations, mobile application development, and AR interaction techniques.

Through a combination of traditional lecture, literature review, and hands-on work, students will learn to critically evaluate different alternatives, build prototype systems, and design comparative evaluations to test the effectiveness of various AR applications. Students will be expected to implement several techniques as part of this course.

Prerequisites: The demonstrated proficiency to program in a higher-level language. Suggested background: a course on computer graphics, computer vision and/or human-computer interaction).

Meeting Info: Tuesdays 6:00-8:50,
Fuller Labs (FL), Room 311

Instructor: Prof. Robert W. Lindeman
E-Mail: gogo at
Telephone: x6712

Papers: Here is a link to the papers we will be reading for this course.


Questions and discussion are highly encouraged throughout the class meetings. It is hoped that the work done in this course will lead to a solid understanding of Augmented Reality and some open research problems in the field, as well as excitement that leads you to continue working in the field.

Course Schedule:

Week Dates Class Topics Readings/Summaries/Projects
1 09/09 Introduction to Augmented Reality
2 09/16 History of AR; The AR User Experience
Find a YouTube example of AR.

3 09/23
Build a sample AR experience using either Layar or Wikitude
4 09/30
Design an AR App for the Worcester Art Museum
ASSIGNED: Project 1: AR & Physics
5 10/07
STATUS UPDATE: Project 1: AR & Physics
6 10/14
DUE: Project 1: AR & Physics
8 10/28
9 11/04

10 11/11

11 11/18

12 11/25

13 12/02

14 12/09

15 12/16 Final Project Presentations

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