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Emmanuel Agu: Professor

Post Doctoral Researcher Opening!!

I am currently a professor in the Computer Science Department at WPI after receiving my PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. My research interests are in the areas of mobile health, computer graphics including mobile graphics and rendering (real-time and photorealistic).. I am also interested in most areas of mobile computing

Mobile Health: I am interested in researching and developing smartphone apps that patients with health ailments can use to better manage their conditions. Specifically, I am interested in machine learning using smartphone sensor data to detect various ailments including alcohol consumption from gait analysis, or inferring depression, loneliness and sedentary behaviors from smartphone usage patterns. I am also interested in using machine learning/computer vision techniques to analyze smartphone images for health assessment including analyzing patients' wounds to assess healing progress.

Since 2011, I have been involved in the NSF-funded Sugar project to develop a mobile application for patients with advanced diabetes, which automatically analyzes the healing progress of their foot ulcers and helps them manage their condition at home. I have also been a co-Investigator on NIH-funded projects on obesity ( [RELAX] ) and substance (alcohol and drug) abuse. I am also the faculty director for the steering committee of the Health Delivery Institute

Mobile Computing: I am interested in most areas of mobile and ubiquitous computing especially using smartphones. I have researched and developed a wide range of mobile applications including location-aware tour guides, location-aware security modules, and a mobile Emergency Medical Services (EMS) incident reporting application. I have worked on energy profiling of mobile applications ( [ PowerSpy ] and energy efficient techniques.

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