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Project 3: Group Assignments

Version: Tue Mar 28 15:08:27 EDT 2017

The randomly selected groups are given below.

Contact the other members of your group as soon as possible! Their email addresses are included.

We strongly suggest doing some project planning (a schedule), and you must use a brainstorming session initially with the whole group. During brainstorming the whole group suggests ideas out loud that may contribute towards the design of the project. Every idea is a good idea, as "strange" ideas might trigger a slew of good new ones from other people. The ideas are recorded, and organized. Details are in the reading linked to below.

Divide up the project into subtasks (perhaps do this every week?) and assign them to subgroups. Take advantage of the strengths of every member.

Communicate via email, and perhaps have a webpage to keep track of the status. Make sure you capture your "rationale" as you make design decisions during the project. Near the end of the project make overhead slides for the class presentation. Work out how the report is to be written and produced. It too needs pictures: especially of the final "sentence".

If one of the group is not able/willing to cooperate then find a way to deal with it such that you and they still get work done. Talk about the problems that arise in the group, as well as with the project. Everyone is responsible for doing their portion of the project: you all decide what portion.

Note the method for group evaluation of group members.

There may be additions/deletions to groups as we discover who is still enrolled in the course.

If you have not been assigned to a group please send email immediately to cs3041-staff at cs telling us that you are still enrolled in the course.

Look at:

The Groups:

name                                    email@wpi.edu
Group One:

	Alfred, Daniel            	dalfred
	Beers, August Deford    	adbeers
	Michelini, Stephen Domini 	sdmichelini
	Lao, Lisandra 	                llao
	Smreczak, Dominik E       	desmreczak
	Espe, Grant T             	gtespe

Group Two:

        Martinez, Alonso       	        amartinez
	Mosby, William Vojtech    	wvmosby
	Bieber, John Brennan     	jbbieber
	Comeau, Samantha Jo       	sjcomeau
	McDonough, Daniel         	dmcdonough
	Rosenberg, Nathan Austin  	narosenberg
	Bremner, Joseph S         	jsbremner

Group Three:

	Young, Kyle Christopher   	kcyoung
	Wheeler-Mackta, Henry Jac 	hjwheelermackta
	Greenlaw, Brianna L      	blgreenlaw
	Harding, Everett Jackson  	ejharding
	Carter, Nathaniel Harriso 	nhcarter
	Robbins, Turner J         	tjrobbins

Group Four:

	Brogan, Garrett Matthew  	gmbrogan
	Corse James	                jacorse
	Claypool, Saahil	        smclaypool
	Onder, Serra Beysun       	sbonder2
	Thant, Myo Min            	mmthant
	Tran, Jimmy Ngoc          	jntran
	Owens, James Marshall     	jmowens

Group Five:

	Vierling, Mary T          	mtvierling
	Yun, Daniel             	dyun
	Prindle, Michael Finbar  	mfprindle
	Dao, Anh Hong Phuong      	ahdao
	Qin, Antony Erdong        	aeqin
	Copeland, Brian          	bcopeland

Group Six:

	Melnikov, Ivan Y         	imelnikov
	Campanelli, Frank Robert  	frcampanelli
	Maitland, Cameron Russell 	crmaitland
	Smith, Connor K           	cksmith
	Metzger, Jonathan R       	jrmetzger
	Desmond, Joshua Anthony   	jadesmond
	Gu, Dasheng               	dgu	

Group Seven:

	Schade, Andrew Levene     	alschade
	Held, Graham Fisher       	gheld
	Scillitoe, Christian Robe	crscillitoe
	Kononenko, Natalia        	nkononenko
	Myerson, Justin Alexander 	jamyerson
	Aguila, Giovanni          	gaguila

Group Eight:

	Hahn, Rachel J            	rhahn
	Ouellette, Kevin James   	kjouellette
	Ho Lam, Quoc T            	qholam
	Chao, Dan	                dchao
	Yu, Ziyang             	        zyu
	Barcelos, Carlos J        	cbarcelos
	Dyer, John Edward         	jedyer


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